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RT @hatsuga420: 明日は💁🏼💭 #CLUBSEVEN ラウンジにて… #BASSMONSTER #ベーモン SP✨ ゲストに初来県📍 #FRANKIE_PARIS 👸🏼が登場🔊 つまりラウンジでは2Daysラガ🇯🇲
RT @FUBARrockchick: Drone video shows damage and rescue effort Indonesia earthquake that's killed 100 people
@FRANKIEonPC hey frankie when will u be uploading your next video on to youtube
RT @KypreeAF: If I ever get a DUI, I’d like it to go like this.
@taticuriel15 "I feel u" / "k I'm sorry" / "damn that sucks" / "shit my bad" / "my tummy hurts" / "u sound hungry"/ "whaaaa say word!"
пиздец Саня в ебало пацану попал снежком
@FrankieBridge told off husband Wayne as soon as he left I'm A Celeb
@manuelcaudet si te va el thriller "como defender un asesino", comedia "frankie y grace" me gustó mucho
RT @DaftLimmy: Kickstart your day with my techno version of The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
пиздец дауны кидаются снежками из окна в детей
♫Puerto Rico - Frankie Ruíz♪
I am the proud new owner of a ford focus wagon named frankie! Its been a good day Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes (ZTIS 119) レーガン対チェルネンコかな。
@frankie_1987 @trentslatts nothing alleged about it. He pled guilty haha
Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood - listen now:
RT @PointlessBlog: I miss One Direction 😕
RT @UNEP: #DYK as many as 4 billion people worldwide suffer water scarcity? Learn more here>