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RT @EnglishRussia1: Ukrainian ad against goods made in Russia
@chrismessina not really floppies as in hard cases. Find some.
Dan Bailey made that 52-yarder look like an extra point, the old gimme kind too.
Looking Back on Barack by Jeffrey Frankel via @ProSyn
RT @ecoanalitica: Jeffrey Frankel: Venezuela será el primer país en experimentar hiperinflación desde Zimbabwe en 2008-09 (@ProSyn)
RT @ProSyn: #US Republicans may well end up making small changes to #Obamacare and then slapping a new name on it
@lesleyabravanel @adam_frankel @BrettFrankel @mattdpearce Lol funny thing is you actually believe that 😂😂
#Cine ↪Crítica de “Belleza inesperada”, de David Frankel, con Will Smith ... - #KateWinslet
WEALTH MATTERS: Making Financial Sense of Your Divorce -
RT @chrismessina: All 14 disks for the Windows 95 Service Pack. That means an OS update used to clock in at ~20MB compared with today…
RT @plated: Falling on the week of Valentine's Day, this upcoming menu is full of lovable recipes designed for sharing:…
RT @LoveAndyC: #RHONY Bethenny Attends Sonja's Tipsy Girl Event:
@leighblue @rededdy56 certainly not dismissing it. Find it intriguing to question assumptions periodically. Lack of EBIT is worrying.
@thatvickypalmer @JoLidds @BoroughPress @suziedoore It seems cruel to "heart" this. But I heart this.
@NOVNIS Oooh, I love that feeling!
This was fun! With many thanks to @nicolebrodeur and @seattletimes. Very honored.
My advice to an inspiring room full of writers yesterday...
RT @Jess01313: MI SUERTE (Frankel x Mi Sueno) will run directly in the Japanese 1000 Guineas. Enough time to #mature Goes there…
RT @EmmaC_99: 15- Una pareja de tres (2008)- David Frankel.
RT @EmmaC_99: 15- Una pareja de tres (2008)- David Frankel.
@john_frankel @rededdy56 questioning the business model and profitability of uber is perfectly reasonable. But dismissing it seems premature