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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Frank Shamrock - Bound by Blood
@DaveMMAdden I was just watching a replay of the Dj vs Cejudo 2 fight and realized Cejudo looks like a young shorter Frank Shamrock.
RT @annemariayritys: Follow your heart and you'll rarely get lost. - Frank Sonnenberg #quote
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Nick Diaz vs Frank Shamrock Strikeforce FULL FIGHT 720P HD
@bjpenndotcom @HenryCejudo How about give DJ a rematch like a true champion would? Also are you Frank Shamrock’s little brother?
Henry Cejudo is Frank Shamrock's real life mini me
Henry cejudo = mini Frank shamrock #ufc227
@LVFightShop A lack of competition. He's the modern day Frank Shamrock then! Lol. 😃 But in all seriousness, though,…
@ufc @STAPLESCenter @HenryCejudo Props to Frank Shamrock. To return from exile/retirement and beat Mighty Mouse, he…
Frank Shamrock meet and greet, in LA
@rivas_caleb @MMA_Inciter Thought it was frank shamrock in the original pic
@MMA_Inciter His doppelganger Frank Shamrock might have something to say about that.
Also, Henry Cejudo looks like Frank Shamrock.
@Boia_Chi_Molla Cejudo looks like a mini Frank Shamrock
Henry Cejudo is one Frank Shamrock looking motherfucker. #UFC227
Henry dedicates the win to his father and mentor, Frank Shamrock. Beautiful work Champ
#UFC227 waow! #CejudoJohnson great fight. Cejudo reminds me so much of frank shamrock. Great effort #andnew 🏆🤘🏼🔥🎊🎉