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John Mayer dressed as Dario Franchitti to secretly put Townsend Bell into the wall. #Indy500
@shannahmccannx captive and rebel would suit you so much love😘x
@A_Franchitti @theferrari348 Heehee I'd have been disappointed if you hadn't felt that hon!! 😂😉
@writebend @theferrari348 must say, I was very tempted myself to have a little spin😂
@theferrari348 @A_Franchitti I think we're all with you there my friend! Though I am only 5ft so...... 😉🏁🚘 #JustSaying #BeepBeep
@A_Franchitti @writebend - I just wish I was smaller! I want a go! 😜
@writebend @theferrari348 thanks Johanna! I thought it was very fitting😇🏁🇮🇹
Migraines are secret killers😓
@_sid_1998 I feel ya, I loveee timbits!! Pray they bring one to Scotland🙏🏻
@A_Franchitti It better be true i need my fix of Tim bits and ice caps
@_sid_1998 omggggg is this true😭😭
On the other side is Franchitti 2010. Won the championship with 3 race wins to second place Power's 5.
@amyshiels_ @StephJohnston98 those lucky people better appreciate the amazingness🙄💖
@_heyitsgabs How is it soo good, I loveee it im addicted😍😍
@A_Franchitti of course🙊 it's sooo yummy! it literally tastes better each time I have a piece!!😍
@_heyitsgabs nonna? Currently eating this too😋❤️
Val reminds me of my little granny, she is so sweet😢❤️ #GBBO
@A_Franchitti thanks antonia💛💛
Screamed ALL the way to the gym because there was a wasp in my car😭😭
@sofie_owens happy 18th sof!! Hope you have an amazing day lovely💖❤️
I liked a @YouTube video All of Dario Franchitti's wins in the IRL
Marino Franchitti - Ford GT FIA World Endurance... - Krinter
RT @MBPartners: NEWS | Mexico City beckons for @MFranchitti as he returns to @FIAWEC action 🏁🇲🇽 📰 Preview -
RT @MBPartners: NEWS | Mexico City beckons for @MFranchitti as he returns to @FIAWEC action 🏁🇲🇽 📰 Preview -
Chris Harris, Tiff Needell & Marino Franchitti test the LaFerrari, Porsche 918 & McLaren P1 against each other: