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Μου άρεσε ένα βίντεο @YouTube από @hoopscard NBA Funniest Technical Fouls and Ejections
@TahirLFC offside should be automatically called based on shit tons of sensors on the field. Fouls r hard cuz it's a judgement call
@DerHubilein @FlyingLeipziger @Godzi0815 Das kann sehr gut sein. Aber das mache ich nicht...das waren eindeutig keine Fouls :)
@PT_2306 Manche haben aber auch die Fähigkeit entwickelt, ihm bei eindeutigen Fouls Schwalben zu unterstellen. @FlyingLeipziger @Godzi0815
This is such a fucked up article, no one should get extra fouls just because they are better than the rest
@Skiptomyfatties i also feel like WVU's style feeds into ND's strengths w/ our press leads to fouls an open 3 balls vs top FT/3PT % team. 🤔😕
Essendon drugs saga: renaissance melodrama fouls the air... #jameshird #jameshird
RT @DHLManUtd: Man Utd v FC Rostov 69% Possession 31% 18 Shots 6 6 Corners 2 8 Fouls 11 #UEL
Still confused why entire #vanderbiltbasketball coaching staff wasn't up yelling "No fouls, no fouls" at end yesterday #marchmadness
@mojohnsonx one of the skills you learn in basketball is pulling fouls doe
RT @LeadingNCAA: Vanderbilt player fouls a Northwestern player thinking Vandy was down 1... THEY WERE UP 1. Northwestern leads.
Cc @DwayneRyder “Xhaka is more direct and passes through the lines. Kante steals the ball without making fouls.” Wenger
@DalyDoseOfHoops @VCULitos I believe the outside ref is supposed to take travels, baseline ref calls fouls -but those guys do as they please
@juvefcdotcom stay healthy til April, keep defense tight, organized, no dumb fouls within 20 yards and let dybala and higuian do their thing
@timmyRodog Yeah it was decent. Too many fouls... broke it up a bit. Don't think the locals were too happy with the result though!
@TechSideline many touch fouls on us, and nothing on wis
You just can't give up 3 goals in the last 7 minutes of a game and expect to win, especially when 2 of them were from fouls..
Player misses shot w/ 14 seconds left: crickets. Players fouls another w/ 14 seconds left: national debate. Its a play. Like any other.
Talking NCAA Tournament, late-game fouls, your bracket, why we care about your bracket 1340/101.5, 865-546-8200
@award_22 he was really irritating me. Had at least 2 fouls at the rim that they did not call
@ceesay257 @Chicagokickz @_justingregorio @SNFaizalKhamisa if curry had 2 fouls, what's the problem with him fouling wall? The fuck lmaooooo
RT @ESPNNBA: Boogie's 19 technical fouls are the most by any player in a season since Rasheed Wallace had 21 of them in 2006-07.
@Wolfganghawkeye enjoy the podcast, Jok came back in the 1st half FYI, and also Iowa seems to go on runs when Fran "fouls out" his players
RT @MikeSGallagher: D'Angelo Russell is the first player to foul out, have more turnovers than fouls, and fewer points than fouls since Josh Smith in 2007.
RT @adamwhermann: Watching basketball all day is just an exercise in how mad I can get at referees for calling phantom fouls.