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RT @TheLaunchMag: Today in 2004 Destiny's Child drop Soldier "I blend in w/ the hood I'm camouflage"
poszlam tylko po wode ns dol i prawie zrmdlalam japierdole
@geedelamenes @pandainaaaaa @annadennyle nakita mo ba ko nung nakatulog ako sa may fume hood? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
RT @whirrll: Also you would think if he were so rich he would have a better weave. Should come to FL sistas in the hood could do…
I'm completely done talking to hood niggas.
RT @brysontlIler: my playlist either too sexual too depressing or too hood
@Morning_Joe He forgot his hood and dog whistle
Ey, jetzt wird wieder auf die Goldkette geguckt Der Boss in der Hood Arroganz ist bei ihm ein normales Stoffwechselprodukt
RT @furkidsinc: ATL! Help some 🐱🐶 in need this holiday by hosting a supply drive for cleaning supplies at your office or in your 'hood. DM if interested!
bad dreams by calum hood is a masterpiece that should never be forgotten. let it live in our memory.
RT @TarnisaC_: Like y'all come from good homes with working parents. Why do you want to be hood so bad????
RT @queenkimbaby: I wish I had a boyfriend who played sports so I can go to his games but I fuck with hood niggas so I gotta go to dice games & drive by's $1.99 > HB-63 #Camera Bayonet #Lens Hood for #Nikon 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G VR ED AF-S $1.99 $2.99 > ET-86 #Camera Dedicated #Lens Hood for #Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Lens $2. $0.99 > HB-23 #Camera Dedicated #Lens Hood for #Nikon AF-S 17-35mm f/2.8D, 16-35mm f/4G $0.99 > ES-62II #Camera #Lens Hood for #Canon EF 50/1.8II 50mm f1.8 ES-62 II $0.99
RT @bestofjasontodd: Jason finds out about the new Robin - Red Hood: The Lost Days #04
RT @h0elooks: "I'm fucked up about u" is "I love u" in hood nigga
"Feel good when I walk through the hood best part is, I don't gotta flow I just talk to the hood" - Jadakiss
Bullshit cause the guys that always be wanting girls be the good ones ignored by them for fuckboys and hood niggas
RT @naeunsart: Fairytale concept? Chorong - Red Riding Hood Bomi - The Little Mermaid Naeun - Sleeping Beauty Namjoo - Tinkerbell…
@democracynow @harrybelafonte This from a calypso singer & somewhat movie star who NEVER,EVER sought elective office;lives outside the hood?
I'm just sitting here thinking like damn .. we really made it out the hood ! @L3gacy_ #EastGville #Nicholtown
RT @timmyboy23: @tristanleigh_ I just want you home already so we can do hood rat shit 💕😜