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@delaneyyyfittz thanks! love ya too delaney. i'll stay safe for sure.😛
@LUIS_ESEWEY_ @NYM13A me recordó a Peter Griffin cuando probó cocaina
RT @CarlSetterlund: My CMass Girls' Hoops Player of the Year is Wachusett's Hannah Everidge.
Griffin Canning ends the 5th inning with his 6th strikeout of the game! #GoBruins
RT @delaneyyyfittz: Happy Birthday to my fav guy in Orange other than my Frillou Boys!!!!! Love ya Griff!!!! BE SAFE TONIGHT, YA WILD ONE 🎉🤘🏼 @Griffin_Patters
@cobalt_griffin 헉 생일축하드려요!!!!!!!!!!!!(꽃가ㅏ루뿌림
RT @CandlestickWill: Gif of JJ Barea taking down Blake Griffin
RT @RTNBA: Blake Griffin will either take a huge payday & stay with the Clippers this summer or will consider Lakers, Celtics, Thunder (BR
@dangerouskira @skelitas Think of it as how TAZ was I. The very first 3 episodes and where you at now. It was griff…
RT @PrideAthletics1: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Pat Griffin will be the announcer for girls' sports at St. Laurence!
@BRN_BMBR In today's NBA, I don't think the Clippers can win a chip with Griffin and Jordan on the same team
Report: Griffin would consider Lakers, Celtics in free agency via @theScore
thank u griffin mcelroy for teachin me its okie to put stuff in my mouff as long as its not deadly
@tariq_rah0 @stahmanguy you talking about last year right? Beating a clippers team who had no Blake griffin or Chris Paul right?
I feel like Blake Griffin is the only ginger that actually has soul #showerthoughts #ginger #redhead #lakers
Hear the full interview with Griffin Wild after a walk-off win over #10 Tufts on Friday #MakeAStatement #WonNation
RT @nbcprobballtalk: Rumor: Blake Griffin increasingly believed to be open to leaving Clippers in free agency