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RT @NFL: He's mostly over the #SB51 collapse. "But there are times I wake up like..." 😱😱😱
RT @pfrumors: An extensive breakdown of the top impending free agents at each defensive position
NFL_Broncos247 After playing the season with a chip on his shoulder, the Denver Broncos undrafted rookie has clearly proven... …
NFL Star Michael Bennett on Refusing to Go to Israel, #BlackLivesMatter, $& His Love for Angela Davis…
NFL Quarterback: Boys Can ‘Do Anything,’ Girls Should ‘Be Silent’ « CBS Pittsburgh
@anniedundun My brother and I barrack for different NFL teams. And we still co-exist. 😃
@Undebated @NFL I'm a huge fan of Rodgers and I respect the Packers, but nah. Packers would've beat ATL if Nelson and Adams were healthy
RT @unsmokabIe: this powerful nfl kiss cam video proves that ‘love has no labels’. i'm tearing up, this is so beautiful.
RT @Jacobs71: Here are the #Chiefs official draft picks per the NFL
2nite. Immaculate 16 NFL monster huntin. triple teamer, 3 teams per spot.
Get your signs ready and come march with NFL Hall Of Famer Bruce Smith , we are shutting down Atlantic Ave at the...
RT @YAppelbaum: Atlanta’s zoo lost a Super Bowl bet, and had to name a baby animal after Brady. It chose a hissing cockroach:
Retired NFL Player Spent Nearly $20,000 In One >>
#NFL #Titans 6 Eye-Opening Ways To Learn To Eat Well For Life #TFB
RT @SheriffClarke: NFL great and now great conservative voice Burgess Owens. Like on the football field and like me he has no fear of…
#NFL #Steelers The Trim and Fit Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss #HDYF