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RT @hertscouple: Wow 30k followers, we can't believe it's that many, thanks for following us ❤️
I'm new in this Twitter & i don't have followers. So if you follow me & I'll follow, but don't unfollow me & I'm following you still.
@ImThomasGibson Would you mind following & RT our brave boy Alex? You have so many followers-Thank you so much
RT @ASHLEYRYDER_: 100 people away from 17K love you people thank you for following I'm 3000 followers away from my goal of 20K please…
@kellysgal @Waterloowolf well look at some of her followers...while legit people ...weird people following a crazy lady..they need a laugh
Praying for blessings and favor for all my followers and the people I am following
RT @WWEAttitudeRP: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Owners and operators @KingOfKingsPimp and @RegalPimptress…
Especially those that follow you for a few days then unfollow you so that you can remain following them to up their followers count.
RT @mibathbombs: I finally hit 500 followers! I will be giving away a free bath bomb tomorrow. Must be following. Retweet to enter to win! 💜
RT @AmyDaniel212: We #love our #followers and #followback #friends. Thank you for #following $pg $cvx $mrk…
RT @xjhugmelouis: E' bello vedere come una persona scrive "blocco gli unfollowers" e poi ha 500 followers e 30 following
RT @makeupidoI: TO WIN: URBAN DECAY NAKED ILLUMINATED ✨ (must be following me so I can dm winner) Winner chosen at 200k followers…
New on #Steemit: 150 followers! Thank you very much to you for following me :) - 150 seguidores! Muchas gracias a …
RT @InFaFarms: THANK YOU FOR 2000 FOLLOWERS! (giveaway) Steps: - Retweet + Like - Must be Following @InFaFarms Huge thank you to…
Thanks to my many followers for following, I owe you all
Following kamu lebih banyak dari followers ? Males ngerapihin nya ? Rapihin aja di sini. Murah sob cuma 5k/500ing. Trusted! Tag lelang acc
RT @Texzl: RETWEET IF YOU ARE UNDER 40,000 FOLLOWERS! I'LL HELP YOU GROW! (MUST be following ME & @Texzl_!) I will be checking! :D
Much gratitude to @APISBP following my tweets:) Increase your Followers on #Twitter
New followers make my day! Thank you, @ClairesMission, for following!
Huge #Shoutout 2 All my #followers 4 #following. Lovin all D #mentions! I try 2 #RT u & #mention/honor gr8 #retweet'ers. Dont stop laughing!
Hello @Otitolohju's 277 followers - thank you so much for following! Wishing you all a happy Tuesday! >> Get FREE?
AutoFOLLOWERS TERBARU TANPA LIMIT WAKTU! sekali login dapat 200 followers, following naik sekitar 10 #i
@_karvika 18 following 0 followers 0 tweets
Now! I have 142 following and have 88 followers T-T But! I distribute like 2,323 like( it's not balance) hehe- I like to like