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RT @EAFIFAMOBILE: Please note, we will be taking #FIFAMobile offline in 15 minutes. This outage should last approx. 15-20 minutes.
Please pick my future brother-in-law! I can assure you @ladygaga that he's head over heels for you! 🏈👌🏽💕@pepsi
@hotlonelygirl add me to the chat please!👀
Hey @cfasnow can’t seem to find a proper email for you, can you sent me one please?
RT @JamesHSchaaf1: I want to cancel my account. Please advise what steps I need to take. Thanks. Jim Schaaf
RT @pbfritz: State Department: PLEASE call Trump Tower to advise on calls. Say you are President of Antarctica sending congrats. You'll get through.
@TechSmartt May I have the self lacing shoes, please and thank you. Ps. Here is love from your fam back in Georgia
RT @david_standing: Weekend Poll EU referendum Talk of voters changing opinion Have you ? Please vote and re-tweet
@carlaharvey Please tell me it's still available to preorder? This would be an awesome Xmas purchase.
RT @ThatBucketList: Always remember; no matter what, you can't please everyone
RT @jddickson: Chicago Tops 700 Homicides — Bloodiest Year In Decades With A Month To Go In 2016 More gun control please..
RT @BilldeBlasio: We've reduced stop-and-frisk by 97% in New York City and crime has gone down significantly. Not everyone knows that. Please share.
@jonbellion PLEASE RESTOCK YOUR MAROON 'BEAUTIFUL MIND' HATS!! please 🙂 @SSundee This Video Is So FUNNY!! Please If You See This Watch It!!! Btw Love The Videos
RT @btsdiary: And then up to u ARMYs, to spam tweet vote with others word or not.. But please, retweet others ARMY tweet too, okay.. :)
RT @Yeebiebz: Please watch this if you're ever feeling overwhelmed or anxious, this is so important #MTVStarsShawnMendes
I have the math skills of a nine year old and i'm taking the SAT tomorrow. Please kill me