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RT @northshawmick: When THE BATTLE OF THE BANK is won those drivers who chose not to protest when you drive through THE BANK could you please lower your head
RT @DORKS_BTS: Jhope: Please say a word Suga: a word Jhope: then say two words Suga: two words can i hit him?
RT @Lamyy__: Beautiful People,Please support my Business. I make effective Organic Skincare products for every skin type/tone. P…
RT @gs1004sg: Please think about once about editing, collages and cutting logos.
RT @RenneL567: Please RT this missing pup. His family misses him dearly and wants him home.
RT @MYoongi_0309: hs: it's our goodbye stage, please say a word yg: word hs: *laughs* say two words yg: two words savage😂
GOOD GOD, please help me 🙏🏼
Please check out "What's In Your Basket?" with host  @charitylynette and special guest Plus…
RT @littIebell: um there is a girl named liz who keeps running away from her family on my street, liz please go home so they stop screaming
RT @VeroVero777: Please retweet to show what UKIP really think of their fellow citizens.
RT @sweetkimmy84: Please vote daily for me on 👉 👈 👉 👈 I can use all your help sweetie…
@andrewdagnell @lb_southwark - sure can you please email me your details and address? I will follow up
@DelectableM @WLConfidential thanks Michael. Please email if you have any more! Would love to hear them!
RT @messymess_: I'm a jealous ass best friend, like please don't you fucking dare call my best friend yours.
please im a good person
Please go Subscribe to @ObeyxMario couple off 39k !
RT @denikhe: Valentine's day is around the corner. Dm me for a poem like this for your loved ones. Please retweet.
RT @GuelphPSTraffic: Our dayshift Traffic officers are making their way in for what may be a busy morning. Whether you're driving or walking, please use caution
RT @MWDVOLadies: For those who haven't done yet our drill, please click the link on the quoted tweet. CheerUp MAYMAY
RT @bibiimi: Please do not forget this golden performance of Kim Sunggyu (You Raise Me Up)