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๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ https://t.co/sKVMkjiPtb
RT @Everything_Elz: When you popping it for a REAL niggaโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ #ZellsElzWeddingBells https://t.co/gYzedpVWiF
RT @datoahmadyakob: Solidariti untuk Dr. Nur Ilyani yang berdepan tindakan tatatertib kerana surat teguran terbuka beliau berkenaan isuโ€ฆ https://t.co/4JNcQsmBuy
RT @FaridAmil: Bila aku ambik gambar member vs member ambik gambar aku ๐Ÿ˜’ https://t.co/mhFBGzn1y3
RT @pu_rahmat: Hari ini 1 zulhijjah 1439 hijrah 1 hingga 10 ZulHijjah ialah hari hari dimana Allah suka hambanya melakukan Amalโ€ฆ https://t.co/fo46fnkSnX
Listen to Fly Nigga Musik (Ft. Jayflash & Fourth) (Prod. By Bricc Flair) by Keylo #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/QFq9hlmiex
@RealMattCouch I'm confused. We've been told for months by the honest geniuses of the FNM that Kelly is on his wayโ€ฆ https://t.co/LnsiWf2ZFG
@MaxPlaysMTG Uh oh. I miss showing up anonymously at various FNM to hear tales told in local communities about our work in Renton
,*"*"*,,,*"*"*, %," "Shuru" ",% %" ALLAH,"% %,"Pak,"% Kay Naam Say Jo Barra Meharban Aur Raham Walla Hai:-FNM
[FORTNITE]ใพใฃใŸใ‚Šใ‚„ใ‚‹ใ‚ˆใƒผ https://t.co/dGHlAQXWQq @YouTubeใ‚ˆใ‚Š ่ฆ‹ใซๆฅใฆใกใ‚‡ใ†ใ ใ„ #ใƒ•ใ‚ฉใƒผใƒˆใƒŠใ‚คใƒˆๅ‹Ÿ้›† #FORTNITEโ  โ  https://t.co/hUXJLhLT7s
Thera FAA ๐ŸŒ€ FNM in Chemilip [High Sec - Domain]
@YeonMyuticket [RT๊ฐ์‚ฌ] #๋งค๋””์Šจ์นด์šดํ‹ฐ์˜๋‹ค๋ฆฌ 8/18(ํ† ) 18:30 1์žฅ ์–‘๋„ํ•ฉ๋‹ˆ๋‹ค. #์ฐจ์ง€์—ฐ #๋ฐ•์€ํƒœ #ํ™ฉ๋งŒ์ต #๋ฅ˜์ˆ˜ํ™” #์ •๊ฐ€ํฌ ์™ธ ์›์บ ์‚ฌ๋ธ” 4์—ด ํ†ต๋กœ์„(์ขŒ์šฐ๋Š” ์–‘์ˆ˜์ž๋‹˜๊ป˜) ์•„ํฌ์‚ฌ์šฉ+์žํ• โ€ฆ https://t.co/ErQ8nQhT1a
@joslyn_v My wife played with me until I became a judge and started doing "tournament magic" (read: FNM) because shโ€ฆ https://t.co/IiZbDELL64
Brudiclad EDH is all finished and ready for Friday to get here for some good games at FNM
@automongoose @TheActualConure i went to FNM every month for a while then they changed how it worked i just know it's really good
9ๆœˆใฎFNMใฎๅ‚ๅŠ ่ณžใง้‹ๅ‘ฝใฎใใšใช้žfoil้…ใ‚‹ใจใ‹ใ™ใ‚‹ใ—ใ‹ใ‚‚ใ†่งฃๆฑบๆ–นๆณ•ใชใ„ๆฐ—ใŒใ™ใ‚‹
@ao_fnm ใ‚ใ‚ŠใŒใจใ†ใ”ใ–ใ„ใพใ™ใ€‚
@aamjwt ใƒ›ใƒณใƒ†ใƒƒใƒ‰ใƒ’ใƒซใ‚บใฎๅฑ‹ๆ นใฎไธŠใซใ‚ใ‚Šใพใ™ใ‚ˆ
ใ‚นใ‚ฑใ‚ธใƒฅใƒผใƒซๅซใ‚ไฝ•ใ‹ใ—ใ‚‰ใฎ่ฆๅ› ใŒใ‚ใฃใฆใƒฉใ‚คใƒ–ใ˜ใ‚ƒใชใfnmใซใชใฃใŸใฎใงใฏใชใใ€ใใ‚‚ใใ‚‚ๅ…ฌๅผใŒใƒฉใ‚คใƒ–ใ‚’ใ™ใ‚‹ใคใ‚‚ใ‚ŠใŒใชใ„ใจ้ ‘ใชใซไฟกใ˜ใชใ‘ใ‚Œใฐใ„ใ‘ใชใ„็†็”ฑใฃใฆใ‚ใ‚‹ใ‚“ใ ใ‚ใ†ใ‹w ๅ…ฌๅผใ‹ใ‚‰ๅทฎๅˆฅใ•ใ‚Œใ‚‹strๅฏๅ“€ๆƒณใ€ใƒ•ใ‚กใƒณใฎ็ง้”ๅฏๅ“€ๆƒณใฃใฆใ„ใ†ๆ‚ฒๅŠ‡ใฎใƒ’ใƒญใ‚คใƒณใถใ‚ŠใŸใ„ใ‚ˆใ†ใซใ—ใ‹่ฆ‹ใˆใชใ„ใ‚“ใ ใ‘ใฉโ€ฆ
@E_Pummeler ๆ˜จๆ—ฅใฏใฉใ†ใ‚‚ใƒผ ้ƒฝๅ†…่กŒใใ‚ˆใ†ใงใ‚ใ‚Œใฐใ€ๆฑไบฌMTGใซ็ซ็‚Ž็ ดFNMใƒ—ใƒญใƒข1ๆžšใ ใ‘ใงใ™ใŒใ‚ใ‚‹ใฟใŸใ„ใฃใ™ใ‚ˆ๏ผ
@_SINLA_ ใ†ใ‚‰ใ‚„ใพใ—ใƒผ! !๏ผŠ ๆฐ—ใ‚’ใคใ‘ใฆใญโ˜… ใŸใฎใ—ใ‚“ใงใใฆใƒผ!
RT @Judgepete81: Without the unfettered flow of information, our Republic is and will be attacked! Trump is correct, the FNM is theโ€ฆ https://t.co/CKkhG3g93D
Jรก faz um tempinho que estou namorando essa shoulder bag da FNM ๐Ÿ˜ https://t.co/S0rGskXvs6
@lily_fnm ใ›ใ‚„ใญใ‚“๏ผ ใ„ใฃใฑใ„ใ„ใ‚ใ‚“ใชใจใ“ใ‚่กŒใใ‹ใ‚‰ๆ€ใ„ๅ‡บไฝœใฃใฆใใ‚‹๏ผ