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I'm up too early on a Saturday. *flys back in bed*
RT @jbchocochip1: Flys on Kitty Hawk Beach! Stay away!
CEO P. McNeil flys 2 PNG next week 2 meet landowners B4 Gazelle/Sinivit Mine ELA Wardens Court Hearing March 2nd.…
RT @21Commuter: "First Principles, Dreams, UAV’s and Flying Cars" @MichaelCostell4 #Ehang184 #FlyingCars
RT @Alex151_: Tous les super héros ne portent pas une cape >>>>>>
@ItsBeckyP nah when it flys out the door 😂😂
RT @MindSexGod: I be telling our people these white folks dropping like flys 😂😂😂😂😂😂
RT @SanctuaryAsia: In 2008, scientists discovered a population of endangered #Indus #dolphins in India! Aathira Perinchery elucidates:…
RT @amourtume: il y a une différence entre me connaître par cœur et voir que ce que je laisse paraître
RT @TopDroneReviews: Autonomous passenger drones will fly you across Dubai starting this July - TNW (blog) #drones #dronesforsale
I be telling our people these white folks dropping like flys 😂😂😂😂😂😂
RT @iampostbad: ptdrr hey j'suis mort c'est l'marsupilami
RT @so_mkb: mdrrr jsui mort on dirait les gens de Twitter
RT @HilariousRoasts: Why they waiter show out like that 🤔🤣😂😭
RT @AminePosey: ''putain tu ma niquer mes cheveux''
RT @HurricaneFlyFan: It's The Flys sister vs The New One's sister at Gowran Today lads. Should be an interesting one,the battle continue…
RT @kassidysantos_: Time flys and there's no turning back...
RT @stephencohen_7: Crazy how time flys @P0st_money love you always post❤
When time flys by but still feels slow. #2017 timeline is packed with a lot. Definitely excited. #Entrepreneur
Happy birthday to my not so much little anymore brother. Time flys
can't wait to start getting ready for tonight,hope this day flys in
Okay goodnight my night has been complete shit and I feel like death but at least Dad flys home tomorrow morning
RT @padavies_: As George flys across the pond to .@planetmuzicktv to be considered for a film, I sit here wondering; who will play…