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Don't say hello from the other side. Fly Virgin America #MakeSongsIntoPSAs
now i want to fly virgin america on all my cross country flights. my flight crew was bout it lol
Just booked my first flight to ever fly Virgin America. Am I going to be impressed?
@KatzInfGang @robynyourbank I usually fly virgin America, it's the best airline imo.
@VirginAmerica I always do anytime I fly Virgin America!
@BarstoolBigCat @VirginAmerica Uhhhh hey Big Cat, how about those of us who aren't virgins that can't fly Virgin America?
The only reason I fly Virgin America is for the sick safety music video they play
Are only virgins allowed to fly Virgin America? Asking for a friend
@kelliotttt it could be worse. you could fly virgin america and get that safety song stuck in your head.