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RT @WebMD: Here's exactly how you get sick, and what you need to know to protect yourself next time: https://t.co/PO04sQEfzE https://t.co/nLpc921Shr
.@theSandiBogle -.I am still stuck indoors with the #flu. Burning up all over. Not great. Have a fabulous day. San… https://t.co/dx6DVYZB3m
RT @clinelldirect: Anything that gets touched by other people is potentially hazardous at this time of year #hygiene #cold #flu #surfacecare #personalcare 🤒🤧🤢
I Fuckn knew it.......Im getting the FLU...uhhhhh. Tomorrow is my friday so ill be sleep all day Thursday
So basically insurance will get you a flu shot. https://t.co/X5fGiY1OMW
Not the "main arena of national life," huh? Well then, why do I have teh flu
Hoje é dia de Flu 💚❤️
The comedies found a non-land related to herford colorful confessions, multiple miltports of pentich, swine flu, a semi-side physical raft.
@AdamBaldwin They also want you to stay out of their bodies, but try to force you to get the flu shot.
@RededoFutebol @FluminenseFC coitado dos torcedores do flu kkkkk esse cara é fraco demais
@Kaitykat40 I hate it when you wake up and feel crappy and then 2 weeks later you have the flu
インフルエンザの流行で、現在までに200人もの人が亡くなっている。 So far, no less than 200 people have died of the flu epidemic. (47)
I'm getting a flu shot in July
New diseases like SARS and bird flu cause anxiety in the community. People get worried, some to the extent that it even affects
RT @Keznx: Eye-Fi仕舞ってあって草。FLUにしたれよ https://t.co/8WEdON19Jx
RT @Miny_K: Listen, Im not sending my kid to school with the Flu or some OC wild shit like that. But a lil sniffle? A lil cough? YOUR ASS IS GONE.
Mudah terserang flu saat musim hujan? Atasi dengan MUNCORD TIENS, satu-satunya antibiotik alami tanpa efek samping. ##Jogjakarta
Are you taking the right steps to prevent the flu from invading your home?
E essa hora que não passa. 😭
RT @Doestaxxx: I'm old school: I don't trust flu shots. No thanks
RT @DesimpeFlu: - TRICOLINDA @flunaticaffc 🇮🇹😍 #SomosFluminense #JuntosPeloFlu ❤️💚 Mande sua foto com a camisa do flu na DM...… https://t.co/ZeFfsvm2kb
I don't remember ever being this ill with the flu but never together with my life partner!! #thosewhoareilltogetherstaytogether 🤣😷👎🏼
This spot in my arm where I got this flu shot at hurt so bad 😩