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@JohnziePat @CowboysNation Flozell Adams? What exactly did he do ? All these delusional righteous Giant fans 😂😂😂😂..But will back your kicker
@CowboysNation Lets rattle off the amount of cancers that have been on Dallas. Flozell Adams, Pacman Jones, Greg Hardy, Josh Brent, Sam Hurd
RT @PeteBlackburn: When somebody uses plus/minus to argue a hockey player is good or bad https://t.co/hgySQFwWHH
@jnovs9 @King_Yunn go to sleep dude. You're embarrassing yourself. Flozell Adams and Davis and Columbo all over the age of 30. Great lol
Me when I eat a French fry that's been sitting next to a pickle https://t.co/vMK11p1gZz
#Cowboys #Autograph Flozell Adams signed mini helmet Dallas Cowboys JSA COA Steelers Michigan State https://t.co/vgjtZS9Ret #Original #Deals
@Ludde1984 Bra fråga! Flozell Adams och Andre Gurorde i Cowboys var jäkligt bra! Andrew Whitworth, Bengals. Sen Chad Clifton, Packers.
@Keev26 @achester99 @jordanparhar JP with Flozell Adams and Arjen Colquhoun shout outs. Lots of Spartan love from that guy.
@mikelikessports @CamiAnnG weren't Flozell Adams, Andre Gurode, Kyle Kosier, and Leonard Davis pro bowlers with Dallas? And 68 had PB too
@Jae_Bee76 It was Flozell Adams for both the Cowboys and Steelers. #FalseStart #Holding https://t.co/8ZZMfeIfYz
@YawnYeezus Just like we needed damn Flozell Adams out, #76 still makes me shudder
RT @kzrutherford: @FGrimesN7 he's like Flozell Adams 2.0. Just brings no talent to go along with his penalties.
@FGrimesN7 he's like Flozell Adams 2.0. Just brings no talent to go along with his penalties.
@MFollowill Still can't believe Ebenezer Ekuban and Flozell Adams never had a radio show called Eb & Flo
Ballers is one of the worst shows I've ever seen but I'll hate myself if I don't keep up with it
@roadtosix Fun fact, my dad had to help Flozell Adams with his car once down in south TX back when Flo played w/ the Cowboys. He was hunting
@flozell_adams guy lives for NyQuil I bet
If you want to get a good night of sleep before your final just listen to Ben Carson speak
@HelmanDC the new Flozell Adams
@bkhockey2 @flozell_adams honestly agree but it's so expensive
@terry2necklace I know @flozell_adams will hate me..but I had Starbucks iced today for the first time and I think it's better than dunkin