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@PinchofPeppers @jfwong @TobyTurner Lo & behold he WAS guilty & people only stopped defending him once he admitted… https://t.co/h5Vhj0nJ1a
RT @espn: 25 years later, The Sandlot crew is still getting killed by Smalls 😂 https://t.co/EClfdj8yUw
RT @PeteBlackburn: Huge bummer that Phil Mickelson has to go to golf prison now
RT @WillBrinson: Per USGA bylaws, Phil Mickelson should be charged with: Putting a moving ball (1 count, misdemeanor) Besmirching t… https://t.co/fwoPQvJTAB
RT @Reflog_18: What are you doing, Phil Mickelson? https://t.co/Q8Ij2Xf0x2
@jimsciutto #MichaelCohen is beginning to remind me of Floyd Landis.
RT @ShtBallPlayrsDo: Find me a swing that misses by more than this one by Stanton https://t.co/EHFzlNOi2N
RT @JasianRaisin: Me: I'm allergic to peanuts does this have any? iHob: nah fam Me: *dies* iHob: however, it DID have beanuts
@superisabel76 According to the doping agencies: “the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping… https://t.co/P0NDdwE3Ql
RT @tyler_pastor: When anyone tries to talk sports for the next month: https://t.co/wJI0CFHaPj
RT @Starting9: Half of Max Scherzer's outs are strikeouts. That's dumb https://t.co/P18GYCQ4Qg
"Nike was the first to abandon him, and the rest followed. In one day, he lost seven sponsors and an estimated $75… https://t.co/sqmDQHqGRN
Visto o final de #TourdeSuisse, aparte de en Nico Denz parece que o espíritu de Floyd Landis tamen habita en Mark Padun
RT @dog_feelings: sometimes. the human presses their noggin against mine. to figure out what i’m thinking. so i just think really har… https://t.co/uQSe0HXcvk
@morlok_cs @velonews Floyd Landis used a banned substance. No comparison.
@TheRaceRadio @Pflax1 You just described Floyd Landis' trajectory in two sentences. And that kids altitude mask i… https://t.co/h3qjXHAgfd
RT @AndresCastro1: ¿en qué momento aparecerá el nuevo Floyd Landis?
¿en qué momento aparecerá el nuevo Floyd Landis?
Ach, ja. Der Ex-Velo Jesus. Nach dem Lance Armstrong Film The Program auf @3sat am letzten Dienstagabend mit Hodenk… https://t.co/hTSAzqs8jx
RT @dog_feelings: nighttime has arrived. the long snoozle can be ignored no longer. please send all snugs dogward
The Man Who Brought Down Lance Armstrong https://t.co/0dAMqcCQ8T
RT @NFL_Memes: THIS JUST IN: J.R. Smith has entered the arena for Game 5
RT @espn: This guy had the unmitigated gall to do a @stephenasmith impression. HE. NAILED. IT. https://t.co/TVVhblLTbB
RT @SportsCenter: This is why you hustle on every play. https://t.co/YtjeRiYsIR
@diogenes1789 Me referia a Floyd Landis. Compañero de Armstrong en el Discovery. Fué el y Hamilton quienes destapar… https://t.co/zC1jfPwNTd