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" 내가 인간이냐고? 너 혹시 눈은 장식으로 달고 있는 거냐, 이 귀와 꼬리를 보고 생각나는 게 전혀 없으면 길거리의 개미들 보다 못하다고 해주겠어 그렇다고 상처받은 표정은 짓지 마 이건 몸풀기에 불과한 걸 그러니 구석에 박혀있지 말고 나와. "
🍪☕️ Florence + The Machine - What Kind Of Man (The Odyssey – Chapter 1) https://t.co/qzorDFdMhA
Driving to Florence with @AirelleBesson in my headphones. Introspective journey. https://t.co/dwpEpEnMbP
RT @barr_lenard: Italy Tours Winter 2017 - Venice, Florence, Rome, South https://t.co/2zyWO5b1Qy
Anyone from @lamarzocco got recommendations for Florence? https://t.co/1CiNYBYdlw
RT @AmosSurae: Cancer is a deadly disease but if we rise in fighting it we can reduce it @shiro_florence @Kamamifay #RelentlessInFightingCancer
RT @uridev: Cuban-born American painter,#CesarSantos (b.1982)studied boxing & architecture before studying art in Florence & be… https://t.co/1q5UG3G6uf
RT @MediciSeries: "Original Sin" is our 1st ep. #DustinHoffman, @_richardmadden, @stueymartin86 & #SteveWaddington plot for the contr… https://t.co/JB1O8JxHTY
Florence + The Machine
@florence_Youn 안녕하세요~!^^ 그렇게 말씀해 주셔서 감사해요~ 저도 넘 재밌어서 즐겁게 번역하고 있어요^^ 앞으로도 잘 부탁드립니다!
RT @MediciSeries: "Original Sin" is our 1st ep. #DustinHoffman, @_richardmadden, @stueymartin86 & #SteveWaddington plot for the contr… https://t.co/JB1O8JxHTY
"Olé !" de Florence Quentin, 08H35 sur OCS max - https://t.co/BEsoi9Kulp
Things To Consider When Looking For Best Florence SEO Company #trucks https://t.co/aLXzlcmd2g
Specially for you the most demanded and freshest dishes of Florence restaurant https://t.co/IicDKZ2GRv https://t.co/Lf7D5hCaKh
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Crappy Job, Crappy Hours – Great Pay!: 1st Call Disaster Services Location : Florence KY US We try to keep a... https://t.co/erE6ZlNhUe
RT @sciokkyhuddy83: Almost there. January 27th is pretty close. A new story, a new adventure. @Stana_Katic is Anna in her new movie, Lo… https://t.co/HRC58qCoy5
Saturday Jan 21st Florence, SC 413 Mixtape Release Party Club Compound https://t.co/7BcnoeeDp9 https://t.co/FqyrDSKfhi
RT @alltootragic: acho que todos deveriam apreciar e enaltecer a musica no light no light by florence and the machine bjs
RT @wesaalvb2: هذي افلام نزلت بجودة عالية ومتوفرة للتحميل وترشحت لجوائز الجلوب: - Hell or High Water - Deadpool - Florence Foster… https://t.co/rcoxeCLMv1
RT @Edurebela: Florence não é desse planeta