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@kirakosarin am willing to do ANYTHING!😂😂
@pupperony i'm sure you know about florence and the machine but they get me through so much, icon for hire is amazing
RT @desastrei: ser educado não é dar em cima ser educado não é dar em cima ser educado não é dar em cima ser educado não é dar em cima
Eu tô num love com essas fotos, que se não tlg.... https://t.co/pgHDXt2FXU
@ekdagreat will be performing live at The #ILoveBeingFromTheSouth Tour Florence,SC show. #MzClassyEnt Sign up vi… https://t.co/kIMTtEVdKz
Jackie Flowers, Director of Instruction & Professional Learning, Florence City Schools #ALedchat
【更新情報】#天然石のフローレンス ■11/9 新商品!最高級粒売り『エチオピアンオパールボタン』 ■11/9 新商品!最高級粒売り『エチオピアンオパール丸玉』 ■11/2 今月のオススメ『ロシア産!コニャック色の琥珀ネックレス』
RT @DiamondHornets: Lady Diamonds will play Wilson on Friday at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center in Florence, S.C.
RT @SarahWsMercury: Flights to Florence from Bristol? https://t.co/Pmiqcg6iAO Yes please!
RT @cIoudaura: I don't appreciate how people continuously come @ miss Del Rey for having a constant sound but say nothing about Florence
#NowPlaying You've Got The Love de Florence + The Machine ♫ https://t.co/PqEQhUSggY
@rosie6172 We were starving artists in Florence together. She was my model for a lot of work :) Here's some 60 seco… https://t.co/DicIk1wKN9
Florence + The Machine - Wish That You Were Here 😢💔👨... Solo por que me trae bastantes recuerdos.
RT @ScuttleBurt: Forest Park over Florence 65-42. https://t.co/7iSbcOXV5S
@san_s_o 받으로 갈게욘❣
@therealqbee_ Florence is the only one that touches me. If you were looking for Glee then we gine fight bad bad
「あなたは私たちから産まれた子じゃない」…YOUさん号泣の《養子の男子高校生》の回再放送!2月22日(水)23時NHK Eテレ「ねほりんぱほりん」 - https://t.co/DitxsJRzNt https://t.co/iWcmEoJg8r
“I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse." -Florence Nightingale #Toyota #MotivationalMonday https://t.co/ZDe6dgKijl
@Hailye102 the glee version or the one by Florence the machine ? This is the ultimate test
Justice for Milagro, a defenceless puppy tortured by her owner! Plz sign: https://t.co/zK6YDJ8p2H https://t.co/PS11PyYqsD