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RT @Fanghoul2: @BatMaine03 maybe faney din ni meng yung flight attendant? or baka ms. mel herself was on board at the time. #ALDUB79thWeeksary
Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant Interview Preparation Online Hang Out Snippets Mini https://t.co/p5GfLPQ7wj
RT @elizabeth_fels: Me: how do pokemon reproduce. they're naked but I never see genitals Flight attendant: so you're sure you're ok in an exit row
Of all the advancements in the world, why does the @Delta flight attendant still sound like she is talking into a bullhorn or Solo cup?
RT @quinncy: Seasoned Flight Attendant Confuses 'Humiliated', 'Observed' https://t.co/ZaO2IblCuq
Andaming flight attendant na halos kasing height ko lang 😂 lakas sguro ng mga backer
RT @the_tonyjoe: Tomi Lahren: i hope this is a smooth flight Flight attendant: in the case of an emergency landing please exit over… https://t.co/TFbk51kmhk
Brunette Flight Attendant Sucks Dick Behind Counter In Shop https://t.co/aG6gOgDcak
Scored a free drink on this connecting flight after telling the flight attendant this is the smallest god damn airplane I've ever been on.
@Mitch_Fox SW flight attendant gave my husband your coat. We can arrange to ship it to you. 918-775-9180
"my wife is a flight attendant so she has a lot of pretty friends" - overheard on the bus! Oh boy.
Am apreciat un videoclip pe @YouTube, https://t.co/o1b8nfpCOg [ASMR] First Class Passenger - Flight Attendant Roleplay
RT @randy_covington: Schumer calls flight attendant who told him to turn off cell phone 'bitch' https://t.co/nldA4kimIu via @nypost #Trump correct Schumer is 🤡
RT @Savannah__P: The flight attendant of my @SouthwestAir flight just lead a "Make America great again" rallying cry on my flight to D.C. Inappropriate.
BOOM! Muslims Chant ‘Allah’ On Plane, Flight Attendant Has Brilliant Response https://t.co/hETJ4uVvIM
#flight attendant porn star dubai women porno https://t.co/69ALLVRPO2
RT @the_chiefe71: Pro-"Feminist" HYPOCRITE DOUCHEBAG Senator Schumer calls flight attendant "BITCH" for being asked to follow rules... https://t.co/sDMA9s0tU2
@SenGillibrand @SenSchumer https://t.co/lLXx1dgZt6 What an arrogant, self-entitled "I'm above everyone else" POS DEM same as lying cohort.
"I started smiling less when it became required of me" -A tired flight attendant
RT @knoahfitness: Can I become bffs with a flight attendant? I need a flight to MO, TX, WI, and LA all in the next three months.
RT @NormSeavey: Asked to End Phone Call,Senator Charles E. Schumer Disparages Flight Attendant By Calling Her A Bitch https://t.co/Tnh3IRUtWE
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube https://t.co/rWk2UPBxSE] First Class Passenger - Flight Attendant Roleplay
One time I got into it with this one flight attendant & she was like, "I always see you around & you never smile." Bitch around where??😳
After I told a flight attendant she then upgraded the racist customer to a better class & I still had to sit in the aisle @united