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@himawari9896 カワイイ(*´∀`)🍒✴
RT @syatey_12: FGO 魔性のマシュ8「 マシュVR 」 https://t.co/AvWNU1NRLy
RT @Han_Kyudong: 암튼 나도 무례한 사람 싫고 나와 친한 주변 사람들은 기본적으로 배려심 깊고 친절한 사람들이지만, 나한테 무례하게 지적한 사람이 내가 그 사람을 좋아하든 안좋아하든 별로 신경쓸 것 같진 않네. 우리가 친구할 건 아니잖아요?
RT @Hong_kkyu: 미친 우리학교 도서부 홍보지봐 https://t.co/fSnCrU90PS
@Clayster @OpTic_FormaL this is very hypocritical of you clay. You bashed ppl for having premature thoughts on IW. Shouldn’t speak too soon
I'm watching Stranger Things 1x05 "Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat" https://t.co/9ZzKpt8r6v #trakt
English literature's performing flea. -- Sean O'Casey on P. G. Wodehouse
English literature's performing flea. -- Sean O'Casey on P. G. Wodehouse
Good morning :) don't forget it's market day today with @bathmarket 9-1.30pm and our wonderful flea market 9-4pm. https://t.co/vD6MJ6bese
RT @Fender: Did you know that the Flea Jazz Bass was awarded 'Bass of the Year' for 2016 by @MSRetailer? @ChiliPeppers #fender… https://t.co/r15DEpXjNd
RT @RDR_NYC: We posted sweet, filthy, flea infested, emaciated, scheduled to die Cooper yesterday. Here he is at our GA vet par:… https://t.co/jVxsHC3c0m
VINTAGE TRADERS check out these fab LATE AVAILABILITY & OFFERS by The Yorkshire Flea @Bentleysfairs >>>… https://t.co/8niIyCfUK2
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/Y2fLoFHj1c 15 INCREDIBLE FACTS About JESUS CHRIST That Will SURPRISE You !!!
RT @willbrojnr36: Thank you so much @LiamRSharp and @ruckawriter for all your great work on Wonder Woman.
I caught a flea off mitzi and she told me not to tell anyone and bill was right there and saw the whole thing so idk man
Online flea market regarding gynoecium old lady dresses other spell missy syncretism.: krNXfyBVn https://t.co/qSJVYysznL
Thrilled to win the Best Pet Care Product at PATS Sandown 2017 for our WildWash Anti Flea & Bug Spray - Anti Flea... https://t.co/2xgtQSlfX7
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/yrOIJtKdNr Watch what happens next when a Muslim leaves Islam on national TV
@RJSzczerba @realDonaldTrump Tom Price is a flea of a man. Born to fail.
Protect Your Pets From Fleas & Ticks - WebMD https://t.co/8f2Z5yiy9t