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RT @qwertee: "Flash graff" is today's tee on https://t.co/LdSWa6Ss6H ReTweet for a chance at a FREE TEE! https://t.co/ESPj4hrZDN
Those who can, do Rest become comediennes and flash their armpit hair to "fight" patriarchy or marry rich people an… https://t.co/k1ZGq5Swv6
and it's kinda like a flash fire, he can't stand there and dump all that energy out without it quickly draining him… https://t.co/UiRN2AQwuf
Coloring on tracing paper is 👌 (with &without flash) https://t.co/JjHrLIRZWG
RT @Braveheart_USA: Flash Back to 2016! Democrats will hold Americans hostage for Illegal Immigrants? @realDonaldTrump Build That Wall… https://t.co/FxJ4vN85Bg
RT @DJ_JAYLEWIS: I hold so much in, so when I flash out it Be bad!
Que flash distanciarse de personas que creías re cercanas
RT @Shadiestt: “Homosexuality kills the black family and drops procreation numbers within the black community” Well news flash g… https://t.co/Zd7jPXik8a
RT @JiminCalmate: Como hacen las personas para sacar un fotón de Bangtan cuando están en un concierto? yo no podría, de seguro tapo c… https://t.co/o50hXRUa0H
RT @YNZ401: 一般人A「好きな音楽のジャンルは何?」 一般人B「J-POP」 音ゲーマーA「SYMPATHY」 音ゲーマーB「PSYCHIC FLASH 」 音ゲーマーC「NEXT SKOOL BREAKBEATS HARDCORE」
RT @barzaniso: Flash: MİT Ehrar Şam Eliyle Kilise füze attırıyor amaç sivilleri öldürüp sivil katliamların önünü açmaktır
@PressSec Um, news flash for you...Republicans control the House and Senate. This shutdown is allllllllllllll yours.
RT @barzaniso: Flash: MİT Ehrar Şam Eliyle Kilise füze attırıyor amaç sivilleri öldürüp sivil katliamların önünü açmaktır
Its a good thing that we have Twitter because if not then who's going to monitor us right wing capitalist. News fla… https://t.co/l7WgQvLlpO
RT @ProyectoH4F: 🍃rt si te gusta alguno y seguí a los que dieron rt🍃 selena gomez 1d camila cabello zayn malik dua lipa shawn mende… https://t.co/kjjxyY9xK8
RT @xJagoBlake: "You're too campy." "You jump too much." "All you do is spam." News flash: competitive play is not about playing… https://t.co/Qf0yVQHTn1
“Flash and his goons can go straight to hell.”
RT @shophoneyrose: 🔥FLASH 40% OFF SALE🔥 Use code: YESSAVE for 40% off all makeup. Ends in 1 hour! Everything restocked!🥂… https://t.co/qHEWZzUv4X
@blurryfaris really impressive the new levels that are being reached
@GuadaRuizOk Sacale foto ((procura que no sea con flash ahre))
RT @Irmao_Flash: Galera tenho uma lojinha que me ajuda a pagar minha internet, e tem essas brusinhas bem legais, acessa lá, faça uma… https://t.co/Y9OXxbh0Rv
I feel like all I do now is make flash cards. Having an existential crisis? Hang on, I have a flash card for that… https://t.co/b4diRyZJbc