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i miss flacco man that was a real hkomie ! 🍀💜🙏🏽💕🔐RIP my big hkomieee
2008 Topps Kickoff #170 Joe Flacco RC Beckett 10 Ravens MINT+ https://t.co/L9sXJknFqt https://t.co/2bLtJ6EvxK
@awv2000 @th3j35t3r yes... but... more importantly..... Is Joe Flacco elite?? A question not even Jester can hack i… https://t.co/WVj1jjqj9F
RT @il_golfino: Domani alle 10.00 saremo ad intervistare gli ospiti della giornata di studi "Tra mito e scienza" al liceo Flacco https://t.co/Pzgyxt3ZBS
Easily could've been a dui open container and what not. Can't let the nigga leave drunk now though. We gon hang out till the sun rise.
I would've seen the stop sign mane lol but either way glad he not locked up and thanks to the latin officer he got a break
One of my best worse nights. Me and my cousin talking about the family and life. Funny the way we grew up so similar, he took a L though smh
@foe_flacco lmfao 😂💀 why you got remind me lol
@Yourgirlfabby_ I'm eating raw eggs with Tapatio🤢
RT @Yourgirlfabby_: Everyone is out partying meanwhile I am at home about to eat some ice cream 💓🍦
Ya casí por dormir y sentí algo muy raro... espero que todo o todos estén bien! #pincheraulraro
RT @Mint_mulatto: @ShaunKing 8 QBs drafted since 1999 hv a winning postseason record & played in a SB Brady Eli Ben Brees Rogers Russ Flacco @Kaepernick7
Top Receiver Prospect Corey Davis Already Has A Flacco Connection - https://t.co/iuTvjIFeRv https://t.co/9d9Dpvd3Kj
2016 Panini Prizm #8 Joe Flacco Orange Prizm Parallel 26/299 https://t.co/MNFK2wd1aI #Football https://t.co/QfBq1cq2T1
RT @PickSixPreviews: #PlayOfTheDay (2007): Delaware's Joe Flacco flashes big arm w/ TD pass to Aaron Love. Blue Hens topped Paul Johnson… https://t.co/1bt3hYYVCh