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Had a wonderful night at the booklaunch for "D*A*A*S Their Part in My Downfall" by Paul Livingston (Flacco) tonight… https://t.co/tYnoqeVY9T
RT @queen_xenu: Absolutely loving this @DAAS_Live got up at 5:30am to read it. Lmao. Well done flacco. https://t.co/rG8KjV49k3
RT @queen_xenu: Just finished reading @DAAS_Live loved every minute. Thanks boys thanks so much to flacco. A must read. And to hea… https://t.co/QuXeh4QZtG
My money dirty, hit the club and make a mess!
Say fuck you niggas, I can thug it by myself!
I swear @KodakBlack1k like a young Boosie
RT @ROMA_IN_ETERNO: "Mentre parliamo il tempo, invidioso, sarà già fuggito. Godi il giorno, confidando meno che puoi nel domani." (Quin… https://t.co/6CwATHrJZA
RT @StrategicManiac: Joe Flacco saying "We should've beat them" and Redskins saying "We Want Dallas". Y'all keep talking, we'll keep winning
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I don't think its real love if you don't fart all on ya woman bruh.
I want a son so bad to be honest. But I also fear to not be a the father a son deserves. Its a scary sight to think of...lol
RT @NFL: And the @Browns take the ball right back! @joehaden23 intercepts Flacco's pass. #CLEvsBAL #TNF https://t.co/7y5Vw3HRLp
RT @UPtv: Rory's dream coming true! Meeting her idol Christiane Amanpour. #GilmoreTheMerrier
RT @GreenpeaceUK: 5 things you can change to help the environment >> https://t.co/Y9M6TU0p0a https://t.co/DVUB0Gx0Nb
Maika tryna play me
@FieldGulls better than Flacco???? 😉
NowPlaying NO IM CHILLIN=FLACCO - Unknown https://t.co/uWnGcOeY5z 00:16
RT @KingTralle: The AFC playoff QBs in the playoffs rn not named Brady Osweiler Carr Alex Smith Flacco Siemian. Tough ass conference right?
@Theismann7 joe flacco is elite , Kirk cousins is not .
Yo happy birthday Alonzo Torres Tapia
RT @rfidler: Eerily, as the three of us have become more decrepit, Paul Livingston, aka Flacco, has only become more dapper and handsome.