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Kodak working with Boogie
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NowPlaying Ion Rememba Dat - Sho Flacco https://t.co/mrlTZ0dmx4 02:47
@GerrySandusky Are you happy to pay Flacco like he's an elite qb?
My sport predictions this year has been accurate so far this year
@KramerNineGuy You look like Sam, who tried to shave his beard like Joe Flacco and unsuccessfully practiced keeping his crazy eye straight.
@ParmeSANDS you never know =) Flacco isint playing this year so Osweiler might take his place. Lol
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@benmaller I wanna say Brady cause he has the most wins, but Imma go Flacco.
@thebinginengine Brady Rodgers Brees Wilson Big Ben Cam Ryan Stafford Flacco Dak Rivers A. Smith Luck Dalton Carr Let's hear it
RT @TheRealMirzet: @Ravens we said this last year "get him fast WRs" so we get Wallace and perriman. Flacco still puts up shit numbers. Flacco is the problem