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I know nothing of Dutton's electorate, whereas I live in Abbott's. I know the widespread rage. It has seriously bro…
RT @Ocasio2018: Didn’t he impeach Bill Clinton over the same thing?
RT @300Stone: “El Chapo is a drug lord” El Chapo’s wife:
RT @irishrygirl: If you get caught with possession of marijuana in Texas with 2 ounces you get 1 year in prison, 1lb gets you a felo…
@_lunardreams Who have been fitz's QBs? Wasnt that jets mcown his QB for a while?
Well in the other league I was 1st overall in, I just went up against Watson and Hopkins. Of course. But I had Fairbain. Will be interesting
@TheXboxPrincess I know. Fitz is gonna kill me tonight lol
Olivia needs to snap out of it !!!! Fitz’s dick can’t be that bomb tf 😩😩
@SlopingGiraffe @AtlantaFalcons Trufant plays 10 yards off the receivers so Fitz will run wild
@Peter_Fitz From your twitter to the electorates eyes..
@Fitz_FF Good call on Watson 👍 need a tightend now my friend 👊
@AtlantaFalcons Fitz runs a majority of his snaps from the slot tho
@AtlantaFalcons Which is why I’m starting fitz in DraftKings lol
@Peter_Fitz If he doesn’t, will you admit that your political judgement is off??
I miss Olivia and Fitz!!!!!!
@Peter_Fitz I hope you are right Peter,we couldn't take another term of the Mad Monk
@SMii7Y Put ur predictions in. Put snedger in. Put fitz in.
RT @GrantPresident_: All I see is Jake Ballard and I can’t stop laughing. Tony transcended Fitz.. Scott though? Eh
@yoa1900 テレビつけたらちょうどカタクリ戦やってて草 ニチアサもチェックしてみます