Perfection isn't attainable, if we chase perfection we can catch excellence #fitness
This week the Dick family generously donated $50,000 to the Niagara Health System for the purchase of new...
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@consulmexsac "Finding Health in Your Community" workshop. Police Officers Carlos Cortes and Lilia Vasquez at VI Wo…
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How To Choose Fitness Methods You Will Stick To:
RT @KyivPost: Ukraine passes landmark health care reform package
11:11 good grades and health and happiness
$89 test kit claims to determine how well your cells are aging. Does it work?
We DON'T all access the same hlth ins.
New fitness plan; everytime I see a fat person on IG do 15 push-ups or squats
RT @IT_HealthPlus: Despite three triathlons @paulcullenit was still a slow swimmer, so he signed up for a Total Immersion workshop
@JodsJones he ain't even got the fitness to get in the box The best health care is to not have to worry about your essential needs…
EI deal with health giant gives medical firms US access
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RT @shaheenb: Wrote a little something for the Mumbai Mirror about my experiences with Depression. Check it:
RT @rafaial1430: Soft drinks are harmful to health المشروبات الغازية مضرة بالصحة