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In 2000, just before the first dot-com bubble burst, it cost a whopping $5 million to lau #PeterDiamandis #aphorism
@duncanrobinson @kitjuckes what kills me is of you're 50, you were 35 during the first dot com boom. There's no excuse
Apple introduced Microsoft Windows. The first "dot com" domain was registered. The Color Purple movie.
First dot com to be a last one if the last questions #TCSITWiz
My first dot com was and was in year 1999. Today is 2016 and 17 years have passed and I have not done much.
@rachelbinx It just reminds me of flying in and out of SJC during the first dot-com bubble. Always with the stairs.
@Forbes the first Dot Com Bubble lost $7 TRILLION in investors money when the bubble popped. So I would be very afraid of the next one.