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In need of CPR/AED and First Aid certification? We are offering a class discount! We train at our place or yours!
First my comp class got canceled for the day then my stats class 😩😭 GOD BLESS 🙏🏽😭
RT @randydeutsch: Gehry joins a MasterClass faculty that includes Christina Aguilera, DeadMau5, Gordon Ramsay & Usher
@detikcom bos lo jln2 ke Mekah pk first class,kalian mau2 nya dsuruh nginap di mesjid...otak mana otak????
Happy #PresidentsDay! I'll be doing my BEST presidenting today. First-class, PICTURE-perfect presidenting. I'll be remembered as a LION!
RT @cookie_gal_: How come everytime the teacher says my name, everyone in the class looks at me like I just said my first words?
RT @MaiaveIi: @abedelrey when you see all the homophobes who swore they were in Gods good grace arrive in hell in first class of…
idk why but I started watching videos of first class flights
@Caleb_Brereton It IS weird though. Especially first class relics.
RT @Supaahstar: I've been in their first class... ummmm 🌚🌚🌚
RT @ClaraJeffery: My first job resulted in having to testify in a class action sexual harsssment suit. Fun!
RT @csydelko: I'm flying first class for the first time since I was like 9 and I've never felt so out of place why the hell would I ever need a hot towel
RT @pharris830: First In His Class? He Didn’t Even Make The Dean’s List. -
When you have the first test in a class that's when some people show up to their first class.
RT @pharris830: First In His Class? He Didn’t Even Make The Dean’s List. -
Not going to my first class today🖕🏾it
Used #Pages for the first time in my primary journalism class for an assignment. Unlike my Word 2016 problems last week, no hiccups here!
I've just been promoted to Private First Class. What's your rank??
@DineshDSouza @SheriffClarke a First Lady with a lot of class!
RT @MartyHYates: Wow! What an awesome experience! Thanks to @RFDTVAmerican for putting on such a first class performance for us today! Great opportunity
haven't been to this class since the first exam and our second exam is next week. I suck
@pglynn61 @roseann55044331 THE First Family, wonderful example of class, intelligence, and beauty. Thanks so much Obamas!
Want for nothing with this all inclusive hosting package from HostNomad.
RT @oldpicsarchive: A first class suite on the Titanic before it sank in 1912.