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I didn't realize my first lab class would be done so quickly! I could've worked out gdi!!!! 😔😔😔
practice FIRST CLASS mamaya :)))))) wag kayo pabebe
I second that... first class presentation Coach! #noweaklynx
RT @TheDukeNation: First time a UNC Basketball player has gone to class since 1975.
RT @ItsFoodPorn: This Is What Airplane Food Looks Like In Economy Vs. First Class..
Forgot a pencil on the first day so I walked out of class and dropped it
RT @saanaaz93: When the world's first class dance machine appears ;) #Happy27thHoyaDay
@kimberleymannx Apparently he's travelling First Class 😂😂😂
One more to go. Got the first class upgrade though. Will probably catch some zzzz's
RT @CallMeJoez: In life it's not about where you come from. You paid £70, I jumped barriers. Here we both are in first class.
RT @HamizahIzyan: It's only the first class and I feel like I've been slapped with a brick across my face
First class on a plane is a depressingly "adult" place. ⬅️: Man on spreadsheet ➡️: Woman on spreadsheet Me: Hiding I'm listening to TSwift
RT @LeoLion_16: My acting class is about to watch a real wedding ceremony, and will see first hand how vows are all an act.
RT @absurdistwords: Not at all. The requirement for such passengers to not look "too low class" when sitting next to first class passe…
The closer my flight comes, the more Delta keeps dropping the price to upgrade to first class. XD
@johnpaulpagano Left wing terrorists tend to be upper middle class and have degrees from first tier schools.
RT @babyblackboi: @cabaum1 @realDonaldTrump We know this moron can't better than a third grader.First class American idiot
RT @nazbarlis: yung 7:00 first class mo pero nagising ka ng 6:55
@NancyPelosi @realDonaldTrump Has no idea of struggles only entitlement Barron will also have first class edu. Struggle?? What is that??
@chrissyteigen you're not an employee representing @united you can buy you're first class ticket and dress as you wish
RT @ItsFoodPorn: This Is What Airplane Food Looks Like In Economy Vs. First Class..
RT @rtyson82: "White working class first message?" I guess single payer healthcare & free public college are inherently racist co…
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@FightsKO @Ionerboo DAMN!!!!!!!! That's a first class ass whupping.