This is mostly a reminder to me, but also a caution to anyone like me (rosacea, sensitive …
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Rosacea was a struggle for Rosie but she finally found relief
Besos por la psoriasis-foto psoriasis
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Tips for coping with Rosacea. Wear sunscreen, warm not hot showers, avoid alcohol, avoid very cold windy weather...
@urbandoll I probably should though. I have really bad rosacea.
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@davelackie hey Dave any suggestions for really bad rosacea skincare?
Being over 40=Bikram is giving me Rosacea.
@FNNisReal @realDonaldTrump no he's redder. He suffers from rosacea
wow i love having rosacea
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RT @rosaceaorg: How much do you know about #rosacea? It might be less than you think! Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge:
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Large study supports likelihood of yet-to-be-defined link. #Rosacea #Dermatology
RT @DrMitchellKline: Remember SPF this #winter! For those w/ rosacea & sensitive #skin use mineral #sunscreen like @SkinCeuticals Sheer…
Dermatologist Top 5 Tips For Managing Rosacea . . . Check our website for more info and great makeup tips! [Link in…