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"I like the kids getting shot with fireworks"-@SinisterDSoul
Tangna nagulat ako sa fireworks
4k60pだけどHDRじゃないのが残念 [4K60P] 2016 長岡花火フェニックス revival prayer fireworks PHOENIX @YouTubeさんから
Fireworks display sa Alabang Town Center at dahil wala akong tulog, ako lang di nagenjoy. Napapatalon ako sa gulat. #ihatethis
seeing a fireworks, makes me smile and then thinking those happy memories that I had...
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@cheskamontoya @Ciara_Is_Here @CarmelaDoplon lagyan natin ng fireworks para legit HAHAHA
Uy may fireworks show na ulit 'no?
ganda ng fireworks outsideeee. pero mas maganda si Mariel hihi🙊💕
RT @LeithsDining: Only a few weeks left of 2016! Celebrate #NYE with a 3 course dinner, champagne and fireworks at @leedscastleuk!…
There has been a fireworks mishap at the Renmark Christmas Pageant. The public is urged to steer clear of the...
Fireworks! ❤
National Day Fireworks at Yas Island: via @YouTube
ROUND 11: Parker this round. Expecting fireworks in the 12th. Very close fight. #ParkerRuiz
*fireworks* Ey ey guys, calm down, calm down. 😂
RT @femalenomads: I need to see fireworks at Disney World
Eyoo fireworks hahaha
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Fireworks display after dinner? Sure! Why not!
Yeah his ear was hurting. Chai she shouldn't have done 8k fireworks Na... Haba
RT @poliziadistato: 43 arresti e varie misure cautelari per operazione #antidroga Fireworks a Frosinone per contrastare spaccio di drog…