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Dude I've been thinking about those missing girls from D.C. all week . Makes me sick honestly
RT @LanaFoxxTattler: Marie Laveau -QUEEN -always slaying -love her friendship with Fiona -a very interesting character
RT @argomy: @Awebosaurio @chunky_puffs0 wait xq Jim es shrek y valerosa es fiona?!??!
(사) 여성인력개발센터연합에서 발급하는 민간자격증
I love Sky omg 😂😭
RT @Thood22_: The whole United States would be on lockdown.
@Awebosaurio @chunky_puffs0 wait xq Jim es shrek y valerosa es fiona?!??!
Me gustó un video de @YouTube de @Gabriel98542 Shrek Forever After : Fiona Doesnt Love Me
RT @ava: For all who are not aware and for all who care...
Slavery resounds down the ages - through racism, economic structures, trauma. @antonioguterres
@JesiFiona fiona jusko sinasabi ko talaga sayo wag na wag mong sasabihin yung linyang yun ng di mo pinatutunayan. yan palang eh. stressed#
RT @TurbekZ: #SG:"while some forms of slavery may have been abolished,others have emerged 2 blight our world,incl humantrafficki…
RT @fionasoul: @pintsize73 We were always here with you. Thank you for your care for me. Happy Wednesday for you my grace. Lots o…
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RT @ezekielfiguero: fiona gallagher: sacrificed everything to raise her siblings and finally starts caring about her own happiness y'all: SELFISH! ENTITLED!
RT @ItsGreysHumor: when you're playing sims but you're Grey's af 😂
RT @saida_dahir: REMINDER: black lives matter isis is not islam flint still ain't got clean water 64,000 black girls are missing in the US