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RT @ThomasW144: Powerful case by @scotgov that using Crown Prerogative for #Article50 is illegal under "Act of Union 1706/07"and "Scotland Act 1998" #Brexit
@XII_FionA 고오오오급 레스토랑에서 맛있는 저녁을 먹는 꿈을 꾸세요!
@USATODAY Who the hell is Fiona Apple and why do we care?
RT @Laurapfr16: Fiona va se préparer, il est 15h45, elle doit être prête pour 18h, et elle me dit qu'il faut se dépêcher, comme si 2h suffisait pas
@Veleno_v 푸른색육각형ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㄱ 레노님도 잘자요!!!
RT @heyfrangel: imagine stanning trash? fiona cant relate
Always interesting to see how the city has changed over the years.
RT @Zimplikids: WOW! #Win this #Christmas #Winter Bath Bundle! To enter #Competition #Follow + #RT ! #FREE #giveaway Ends 12/12/2016
RT @heyfrangel: fiona received hate bc of this tweet. imagine being as iconic
RT @_iamkaya: Girls that are pretty 24/7 must have a wonderful life. I easily bounce from Princess Fiona to Shrek on any given day.
@XII_FionA 주무세요! 꿈에서 푸른색 육각형이 함께하길!!!
RT @Cameron_Gray: USA Today just tweeted "Fiona Apple rips Trump in 'Christmas Song' parody" to their 2.85M followers, because "real…
Fiona per ora è quella che adoro di più. Fiona e Steve 💖
RT @MrNutcase: It's Day 7 of our #AdventCalendar! Just follow and RT and you could win a £25 gift card. #Competition #Freebie…
ايراني يلعب بكس صاحبته.. تحرر نيج سحاقيات 12976
RT @queenrimeow: после хороших фильмов становится так грустно, потому что осознаёшь, что в жизни не бывает, как в фильмах.
RT @SHAWN4POTUS: wcw . honestly , the Best for last . work of ART . even if you're annoying as Fuck sometimes ... you're the Fiona t…
RT @IE_Canada: #Finserv industry members take sides on best interest standard at the @OSC_News round table #Compliance…