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@FKRitson @Mr_Bunker_edu I'm 40 this year. I hear it's all downhill from here Fiona?
An unresolved emotional issue may explode into awareness, prom... More for Taurus
RT @WiseWilbert: Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not define you.
Can't wait for Budapest🌞👙🍉🍹 @toriv98
Dutch Traveler Teun on Couchsurfing Interview with Fiona Solis: via @YouTube
RT @MarkCarruthers7: Getting ready for today's #SundayPoliticsNI #AE17 debate with @StevenAgnew @JimAllister @fiona_ferg & @ClaireSugden…
@panyovth ton nom c teddy pas fiona 😭
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7 and a bit weeks till Bali, can't wait to catch up with you mik!!
RT @fionajoymusic: Brief Impressions: Fiona Joy's Into the Mist in Quad DSD from Blue Coast Records
RT @nancygedge: On diagnosis, parents, teachers and clinicians
RT @tagueuleptn: - Quand Fiona n'a ni carte bleue ni liquide, elle paie par Shrek ? - ta gueule ptn
La grâce mat jusque 12h la 😍
Syrians face toxic time-bomb of radiation, poison and pollution. @SRtoxics @PAXforpeace @detoxconflict @Fiona_Broom
Wtf "his Fiona" is abaddon?😳
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