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RT @SaralPatel007: Goa finally has the government that is 'off' the people, 'buy' the people and 'fraud' the people! Thank you BJP! #NotMyCM
Made it to Sydney! (Corny picture of Opera House to come, promise, just haven't been yet!)
Sun's making me feel all kindsa good
@gsurya How can they, They are busy trolling the opposition leaders!
Albert Finney pleased with himself having pinched Rita's gun without her noticing #woodfallwednesday
RT @WorIdStarComedy: When people are fighting in your mentions and forget to untag you
RT @lilyachty: Up with a mind full of thoughts.
@tara_finney the basics of 'The Work!' Xx (I forgot the last few! ;-))
RT @Efawcett7: So glad Dorian Finney-Smith has carved out a great role for himself with the Mavericks. One of my all-time favorite…
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@Nolan_Finney Thanks Brother! Keep pulling!
Happy Birthday Parth @PoshMahash can't wait for our ice cream date soon!!!❤️#sotrue #pledgepulls
@NicolaDonnellyy @JennyMcC416 that's actually tragic, bloody cable thieves! Never buy cables in an airport that's all I can say 😂
@sardesairajdeep Pls do ask Sushmaji on any update on Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil's release? He is in captivity for more than a year.
@prabhuneel1 When did paid media like @bainjal became beacon of truth?
RT @gsurya: INC doesn't even ask journos to be "friendly" with us, like BJP demands their pound of flesh. Just be fair, transpa…
RT @KathrynFinney: Join me for an exciting conversation for Innovation Thursday on 3/23 6-8pm ET. Get your tickets here…
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If one picture described my life this would be it.
RT @IPlay4God: I Need: 1. A Week Off 2. Massage 3. $5,000 Nike Gift Card
RT @MCRCPAO: Congratulations to Monnazjea Finney-Smith of Hampton for receiving the Excellence in Leadership Award! @MEACSports…
RT @newsmanone: This brace anonymous emailer responded to this column ( thusly: