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find more mystery of batteriesthe article from : are filled with mystery, and for good reasoneveryone's use of their battery is different, and some batteries are built differently. Some laptop owners still get decent life out of their three-year-old standard latitude d505 battery , while others can barely live through a rapid un-packing of their charging cord once their charge icon turns red.To thicken this mysterious brew of battery knowledge, modern operating systems are pushing the use of "Sleep"also labled "Suspend" or "Standby"over the "Shutdown" we've come to know more of latitude d630 battery . It doesn't draw nearly the same kind of power as a fully operational computer, but it does allow you to start your system back up and get back to the things you had open in a few seconds on a relatively new system, rather than wait for everything to get back to stability.By dividing the milliwatt-hours by the voltage of the latitude d610 battery computer they were measured from, though, you get the milliampere hours. Voltage varies in a devicebetween 11.2 volts on a Sony Vaio and 12.4 volts on a ThinkPad at its peakso the lowest voltage was used when there were discrepancies; we figured we'd tend toward a worst-case battery use scenario.Windows Vista has sleep as its default action on the "Power" button, but changed it back in Windows 7, likely due to (valid) user complaints. And the huge, 7-8-hour latitude d830 battery being packed into MacBooks are certainly due in some part to the preference of many users to close the lid rather than shut down.We used two free battery monitoring utilities that offer extensive power details: BatteryCare for Windows, and coconutBattery for Mac. Both are great applications to grab if you're interested in how much your battery holds, how much it used to hold when it came out of the factory, and other data points.Your mileage will vary with hibernation, thoughI've found it not as reliable, and slow, on my main laptop.In all cases, actively open programs were shut down before a sleep or shutdown. latitude d600 battery Batteries lose charge even when they're not doing anythingjust sitting in a shut-off computerso the strain of shutting down and starting up a system doesn't make it an obvious choice, as you'll see below.View More : Sony VGP-BPS9 battery

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