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I feel like im waiting for my financial aid check to hit the bank 😭😭😭😭😭 9 minutes!!!!!! #TheWalkingDead
@Hector94Sosa and if you can't pay out of pocket you might qualify for financial aid
SAVE THE DATE: College Application and Financial Aid Assistance Night - Nov. 15. Applications @ 4:30pm, Financial Aid @ 6pm
i need to do my financial aid..
Going in January fool I got my financial aid back an all
Me when I hear the words "college" "tuition" "financial aid" "FAFSA" "moving out"
RT @USNewsEducation: Families can file the FAFSA without having their taxes completed.
How's college? Financial Aid, Loans, No sleep, Constantly applying to programs and clubs, keeping my gpa up.....its great
my dad won't let me sign up for financial aid lol ok
I think I'm ready for Gears of War 4, but I need to wait next month for my financial aid money, hopefully buy a Hard Drive first
godddd why does this school accounting/financial aid sucks, it sucks my soul and life right out of me
RT @alyssahallway: When u find out u get more financial aid if ur married
Using dysphoria and depression as reasons to appeal for financial aid at a work office nice.
RT @sammy: ⚡️ “Shots Studios Presents Financial Aid Lies by @callhimrenny” by @shots
Day 6 I finished my financial aid and degree application for school. I slept in. I had a really relaxed day :)
Thanks to everyone who came to our Denver Application and Financial Aid workshop! #BoulderBound @mycuboulder
RT @Rowley_Thomas: Hunting for money for college? FAFSA season opens Oct. 1 for 2017-18 academic year, so act now!…
Oct 28th - Financial aid applications are due for Winter 2017 Quarter
RT @usedgov: Debunked! 10 myths about the #FAFSA & applying for financial aid:
RT @Gansett2018: For anyone interested in hearing about financial aid: meeting in the Kiva at 6:30 tomorrow night!