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and like finally gonna highlight my hair this friday!!
Wanted these for a while and finally made the purchase on Black Friday!! #sponsored #DSWcrowd #MyDSW
finally home, roll on friday.
RT @DOEBURGER: I told y'all we up NEXT. It's been a long time coming & it's FINALLY HERE ! Make sure u grab #DWTW [12.9.16] DROPPING THIS FRIDAY
GM!! 10.23.2015.. Finally Friday.. #Jesus spilled His blood for you. You can spill your heart before #God._Max Lucado. Stay encouraged
RT @jackaverymusic: OH GOD. Our first big tour as a band is finally here!!😍😍😍 Tickets go on sale friday!!!!!! Be ready;) #TakingYouTour…
@BritishGas at my house too, our smart meters are finally coming on Friday! How sad that tickles me!
Looks like winter will finally hit us here. Going to be single digit temp Wednesday night/Friday morning.
Games - The Last Guardian is finally out on Friday 9th December. Check the link for the details
It's finally Friday for me!!!!
Happy birthday! See you Friday to celebrate 🎉 finally in the 20's!
Ab-Soul Album drops on Friday🙏🙏🙏🙏 finally!!
RT @Missie_Hunt: Finally Friday is here so that can only mean one thing, A dream sissy Friday fucking xxxx
RT @DonaghanKSW: This Friday all my hard work will pay off when I finally become the KSW British champion
RT @DonaghanKSW: This Friday all my hard work will pay off when I finally become the KSW British champion
RT @zamakeupartist: Good morning my friends from Arizona. Finally back from my extended vacation across the pond. Friday hugs to all🇺🇸🌵…
Several of my Black Friday makeup orders are finally starting to trickle in to my mailbox…
RT @SeaveyDaniel: It's finally time to meet all you guys. I'm so excited for this. 😭 #TakingYouTour • tix onsale Friday at…
Only thing keeping me going is that by 5pm on Friday Uni is finally over for this semester 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
RT @itsfunnygirls: "Monday: No! 😵 Tuesday: Ugh. 😞👎 Wednesday: Why? 😒 Thursday: Omg. 😱👊 Friday: Finally. 😁👍 Saturday: Yes! 😍👌 Sunday: Crying.😢👎"
When your black Friday order finally ships
Finally - @UMassHockey fell 3-0 to No.12 @NDHockey on Saturday following an impressive Friday win! #FriendshipFour
Get the keys to my house new house Friday🙌☺🏠💞 everything is finally falling into place for us👏