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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”~ Ferris Bueller
@dnmichespinosa2 @SismologicoMX El mío no creo que solo para algunos funciona 😢
Info on people on the matrix is shared between different government agencies, resulting in: - people excluded from… https://t.co/VOelI6esZu
RT @fox32news: Judy Cochran’s mini-horse disappeared 3 years ago. Every gator hunting season since, she’s been trying to catch the… https://t.co/e2UQUAChOI
RT @RonLittlepage: 30 years ago, I was told incentives were needed as seed money to get downtown going. Today it’s just padding the po… https://t.co/5lEYL3VU53
RT @jayneilouise: Up to this day, I constantly think about what Ferris Bueller’s Day Off taught me— You ought to spend a little more… https://t.co/kZFXCRDErm
I need a cuddle:(
RT @mirandalambert: Thank you @okstatefair for the memories! The Gypsy Vanner show, the Ferris Wheel, friends, family and my first time… https://t.co/oU9xYvovye
RT @cspan: WATCH: Complete exchange complete between @SenJohnKennedy & Judge Brett #Kavanaugh on high school. Senator Kennedy… https://t.co/5xi1ASThpy
#911CDMX no sonó sigue activa esta app?
@JoeyxRoss What's considered 3rd wave these days? Is that Reel Big Fish / Save Ferris era?
RT @lePointGenius: Ça y est, c’est la rentrée (en tout cas pour moi 😁). Comment ça va tout le monde ?! Allez, je vous transmets un peu… https://t.co/xz8IKsmQg4
TW: Darren Smith is no longer on Ferris State’s roster and this is why. I missed this piece of information this sum… https://t.co/xdW2lpOpBK
RT @ghoulcabin: the eye was the first organ to be named after a giant London-based ferris wheel
RT @HistoryInPix: Building the first Ferris Wheel in Chicago, 1893. https://t.co/GocSX13RBw
RT @HistoryInPix: Building the first Ferris Wheel in Chicago, 1893. https://t.co/GocSX13RBw
RT @Red_noky: Ferris wheel PS: The owner of this wolf has a really huge penis ( https://t.co/KgglOPws9I
*drinking beer on a Ferris wheel TWICE.
@stopwatch report describes: - aggressive police treating kids like adults - kids being stopped and searched hund… https://t.co/qLwF09bEtp
Being drunk in #Hamburg entails going on a concert #ReeperbahnFestival #Rikas, buying their CD and drinking beer on… https://t.co/YQn9gTX2Pq