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RT @AibouChannel: youtubeだと著作権でキー上げたから正規版 #君の名は#前前前世 https://t.co/jeVj9aTe7M
kl ma a'97k 3ala schedule 7ad ystwe feny a5as...
@ayaljarallah amooon elghwa yabt nteja walla 😅 ana blnady o feny power 💪🏻💃🏻
kapan song kak feny traktir? — tunggu aku jd pengusaha sukses yaa 😆 https://t.co/mNZM2C6cDi
@feny_fenoy haha iya noy, tos dulu 🙋👊
RT @MajorGroup: ขอเสียงคนที่อยู่ "ฐานันดรไร้ตัวตน" แบบ ป๋อง และ เด่นชัย หน่อย #แฟนเดย์แฟนกันแค่วันเดียว ดูซ้ำอีกรอบยิ่งอินยิ่งฟินจ้า https://t.co/1fTebNP7m7
@feny_attaullah steffan siapa? wiliam?
bbmuut feny rggaad
RT @wisdomcounselin: Do not yearn to be popular;be exquisite. Do not desire to be famous;be loved. Do not take pride in being expected;be palpable,unmistakable.
RT @DJIGlobal: Catch Team #DJI at #InterDrone today. @dronelaws (DJI, VP of Policy) started off the day with a panel on Geofencing https://t.co/b5ZotpQvOX
RT @FordNigeria: It's a wet Wednesday in Lagos Nigeria. Remember to always buckle up! Safety first https://t.co/RVdnB3dh6d
RT @afrojack: Summer 2016 was sick! Thanks to everyone who came to one of my shows!! Next up: @ultra Singapore this weekend! https://t.co/RnC9pdyIkf
RT @joshrogin: Trump forgot to mention the part of the Mexico trip where the Mexican President called him a liar right after he left.
RT @khloekardashian: Put my name on your swimsuit so I know it's real!! BAE 😍😍😍 https://t.co/7hbPtLRelY
RT @VictoriaOsteen: Even when things don’t turn out the way you planned, know that God has a plan to turn things around for your good!
RT @skye9tv: Actress Eniola Badmus adds another Year today. Join Skye9 as we celebrate Eniola Badmus On her birthday. https://t.co/Yxa5upd6Mo
RT @theUAVguy: It's alive! Thanks to github helping figure out "CLI set max_check" so motors would arm. Spektrum sat RX max < 1900 https://t.co/envCThisXX
RT @bisioke: @Gidi_Traffic A woman gave birth at about 7pm on a BRT bus close to Ikorodu yesterday. Thanks to all the women on board who took delivery.
RT @CoolFMNigeria: To gain storage space in any room in your home,take advantage of the back of your door, use hooks and hangers #CoolLifeHacks @AjukaRosemary
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