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RT @t_york77: See yall fellas in Cookeville ( for the 3rd CONSECUTIVE year ) !!!!! BOOM!!! @g_schoenwald10 @_Iamgore… https://t.co/jJGVBSA7cp
RT @BasedChasen: Fellas this what we on now https://t.co/TAYemYGNHa
RT @iowahawkblog: Here's a good rule of thumb, fellas: do not flirt until flirted at, and only then if it's insanely obvious
RT @DirkFab_: @Mariselllla Fellas she just listing the kinda niggas she lets beat
RT @ENT_NH: the police died so every black man in west Baltimore is a target for harassment and scrutiny ..be cool out there fellas
Looking good to hit all formats tonight fellas.. again S/O to everyone who rocks with us.. we stay LiT! 🔥🤘🏼
@mentallydatingU 😂😂😂 omg gurl, good luck with ur faith 'my 7 biases is PERFECT' I'm just going to hanging out with… https://t.co/ckvJOcMqjq
RT @iRespectFemaIes: It’s payday, fellas. Did your WCW CashApp you at least $50 so you can get a haircut and eat? If not, get rid of that broke ass bitch.
About to update to High Sierra fellas, pray for me
RT @maygoat_nunez: Fellas pick your perfect woman, you've got $15 - loyal $800 - smart $53 - good looking $68 - annoying $15 - funny $39
Fellas we’re leaving them on read now and taking forever to respond
@_Makada_ I don't get raping a woman. Probably because I haven't been turned down too often. Yes women have actuall… https://t.co/7t3WNhPEo1
RT @BasedChasen: Fellas this what we on now https://t.co/TAYemYGNHa
Grow your hair out fellas, it’ll give you super powers 🚶🏽‍♂️-> 🧞‍♂️
RT @MikeHeadasss: Fellas we not respecting women for the rest of 2017. Kings, we wilding out! https://t.co/OtaiAbXksk
RT @foxwoodfl: Fellas is it gay to ᵘʰʰ cry https://t.co/zcbI2XQssI
@CARRIONIER @jessokfine Based on my sad third marriage I’d say “bridegroomba” amirite fellas?!?! (I am very happil… https://t.co/eC82gFGYFo
RT @Fhstalon: Freedom ends football season with loss to Hylton, but OH what a season it was!! Great job, fellas! Thanks for an ex… https://t.co/PyGjicMcBq
RT @StaceSonshine: I'M NOT BELIEVING MY EYES STILL NO TREND NATIONALLY... COME ON FELLAS#LivePD #LivePD #LivePD #LivePD #LivePD… https://t.co/gnNUpdsbxO
That’s what i call gp football fellas💪🏾💉 https://t.co/Y9LPssMVdc
@baekyeolangst The 21% fellas.. Are we talking abt the same bobohu?
RT @desusandmero: #Fellas, you letting your homies wear your pants? https://t.co/m4mnDMoSFk
RT @WORLDSTAR: What you doing fellas? 👀😳 https://t.co/3QrHgAZUEv