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@RealSkipBayless R the cowboys being ranked 25 in Power rankings a dig at Jerry jones and his old age and that he s… https://t.co/PYSdO5yklV
Rev. Jerry Jones - Amnon Had a Friend Now Playing #TFIRadio
RT @BudKennedy: Dr Freddy Haynes @fhunscripted asking legit questions. Where’s Jerry Jones on equal justice? For that matter, where… https://t.co/F2G9cW7YlU
What's keeping the defense just short of elite, Brice Butler speaks, and Jerry Jones provides... - National Footbal… https://t.co/G15O3pgICN
@DezBryant Dez, c'mon get a** off the couch and go to Jerry Jones and say " hey I'll take what you give me" #WeneedDezback!
@stephenasmith To deflect from your argument you need to take a look at all the players with issues that have been signed by Jerry Jones.
RT @CowboysNFLNews: What's keeping the defense just short of elite, Brice Butler speaks, and Jerry... https://t.co/30AgFdhDQU #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation
What's keeping the defense just short of elite, Brice Butler speaks, and Jerry... https://t.co/30AgFdhDQU #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation
RT @toddarcher: Owner and general manager Jerry Jones said on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas that the belief is Xavier Woods (hamstring) a… https://t.co/bjFI036h0M
RT @robphillips3: Jerry Jones says Travis Frederick’s spirits are great. Knows Frederick is a focused individual with great resolve.… https://t.co/BcHsDVEhem
RT @HelmanDC: Jerry Jones was just asked several questions about Randy Gregory’s current status with the league. He reiterated hi… https://t.co/33eftnWMQI
@JimDonaldsonJr @Patriots This take would make more sense if you had a track record like Jason Garrett and Jerry Jo… https://t.co/ft24Tjayl6
RT @robphillips3: Jerry Jones on @1053thefan says the Cowboys aren’t considering other options at backup QB at this time. Cooper Rush… https://t.co/BVEGaukOm2
@amberindigo @joely_TC Murph is seated at 9:00🕘, his Ginger Moss(sorry) hidden by the b/w effect, ‘course. Betwixt… https://t.co/xVLEFaV2Yh
1961 with Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson. https://t.co/vCknJwbzJZ
@GSwaim I’m pretty sure jerry Jones went there. And jimmy Johnson too. But I don’t think they won the Natty there. Only with the cowboys
RT @robphillips3: Jerry Jones on @1053thefan says free agent WR Brice Butler is in Dallas but no update on potentially adding him to… https://t.co/FnTWYmAIo1
Jerry Jones: Randy Gregory, Xavier Woods could return Sunday in Seattle The Cowboys could be getting some help on d… https://t.co/xjsIVvTaGT
I’m so dang tired of Jerry Jones trending. WTH up now?? https://t.co/HI3dKM26vo
RT @CDCarter13: @LordReebs Cowboys games shouldn't be televised until Jerry Jones is ....... no longer with us.
@DanWolken I co-sign this. Im an Arkansas alum and I would have been fine firing Morris before he got to the locker… https://t.co/tvV1lqvc2k
@clarencehilljr Jerry Jones just like you told Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan to feature Dak Prescott as a runner… https://t.co/qxfk1U1j9V
@FoxNews Jerry Jones of the Dallas cowboys instead of you worrying about PLAYERS standing for the flag during the n… https://t.co/mXcw0omZrB
RT @HelmanDC: Jerry Jones says that, as far as he’s aware, the only reason Randy Gregory would miss Sunday’s game against New Yor… https://t.co/qF2IoIqnYZ
RT @HelmanDC: Jerry Jones doesn’t yet know if Xavier Woods will be able to go against New York. But “he’s getting closer to playing.” #cowboyswire