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I wonder what Fefe Dobson is doing...
NOW PLAYING: Fefe Dobson - Don't Go (Girls & Boys) on Rewind Hit Radio! Listen at https://t.co/sD4TuxzYZB
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/p1ceEEf4LK Riverdale 1x7 - Fefe Dobson ("Born to you") - FULL SONG
Remember when they tried to compare ya girl to Fefe Dobson?! SMH she was doing her thing but.... https://t.co/XUfdrLf6jy
Why isn't #BBHMM nominated for a jukebox musical based off of Fefe Dobson's discography so YES I AM V V DEPRESSED K!!
Bai I love fefe dobson why tf have I never listened to her music before
@80Grey Oh I just thought of some more: Last love song by ZZ Ward My Sweet Song by Toby Lightman I Will Follow You… https://t.co/Lt7Dod2e9a
Witch Brew (feat. Fefe Dobson) by Gangsta Boo & Lachat https://t.co/kW2EoYLSHD
@KryozGaming Fefe Dobson - I Want You Jack Stauber - Two Time
Y’all remember fefe dobson?
@TaneishaJane Fefe Dobson was my ish
I'm listening to "Stuttering" by Fefe Dobson.
@TheImpeccableG also can’t forget macy grey... and if we really want to shout out alt-blacks... our good sis fefe dobson was out here.
FeFe Dobson - Stuttering (Main) now playing on Max Radio! https://t.co/AQDXgZwT6H
Random: I miss Fefe Dobson. 'Everything' was everything! https://t.co/SaQUZEoR5e
Avril Lavigne, Fefe Dobson, Dido, Jojo, Fantasia, Blink 182, linkin park, Sade Adu - I miss them 🎶 🎼
Y’all remember Fefe Dobson? We weren’t ready for her
wow who remembers fefe dobson?
Where is Fefe Dobson
So Diana Gordon and Fefe Dobson are now both my black Alt queens
Does Fefe Dobson still sing?
What ever happened to Fefe Dobson? I used to have the biggest crush on her back when I was younger. I havent hear… https://t.co/T9JhxNCbk2