Lisรคsin videon @YouTube-soittolistaan https://t.co/6lHIUYspZh ALT PVP: HACKUSATED BY 90RatedStrafe!! (LOL!)
Gostei de um vรญdeo @YouTube de @tecno_dia https://t.co/Q11QcZs0FX Como jogar GTA V, Paladins, LoL e outros jogos de PC no CELULAR
@paulithonnew Thanks bro! Gonna PVP the fuck out of these emotions. Squash em good lol
Lmao claims his god of pvp but refuses to mage me cus i decked him last time, who brids but uses range 90% of the tโ€ฆ https://t.co/Acy3xVebNc
@kimmartinezz @Tochises I actually deleted my tweet but I was 2 slow lol I've played destiny pVP FOR 3 years lol not fun anymore:P
@Beard_Grizzly wielding crotas sword would be insane in PvP lol
@RunUpOnYoBlock lol this kid names his servers
@DjSprayK @SkellyBott not to mention you have been playing for 4 years so your more experienced. Im WAY FUCKING BETTER AT PVP THO LOL
@DejayMattyD @Gerritzen wildlands is a great war simulator x borderlands. loved my 25 hrs with it would recommend with friends. PVP = lol no
Flying as an eagle made for one of the most insane PVP battles of my life lol https://t.co/qwImH080V4
@AnonyFox31 lol, I'm horrible at PvP
@TroyAHendrix @philpapi_ lol i cant even play no more until the pvp come out.
@ProFlamey @ItzMushy lol exactly my point mush builds the bases but he doesn't grind or pvp coz he has no money or gear...
@TESLegends Loving this game. Beat the little bit of story already. I'm a little scared to try PVP yet. lol https://t.co/YnHg1ynOvF
@CreeperrrYT @Mcpe_Challenges okay, not many people has seen me pvp since I'm sorta new unlike u lol
some nelf druid was trying to gank horde doing the warden tower pvp quest in stormheim and the got wrecked by Anoriel lol
May have done a little too much of this pvp stuff today lol #eso #pvp https://t.co/PraD4gsjOj
@WishYaLuckk then I better get Gooder at PVP LOL
@SaintMichaelsSo lol. I am with GSF/Karma right now but I have always wanted to give faction warfare a go one of these day. PVP>PVE for me