@plim_lol メインでやってるのはリリア主体の物理パだよ pvpのためにニクスとろうとしてるとこ サブ垢作ろうとしてて、魔法パ作りたいんだけど ディーラーとタンクでめっちゃ悩んでるw
@Sardoche_Lol Oui mais tout le monde sera osef
@Raiol_Varakin @SkillUpYT This one makes me head to PvP. And I'm a PVE player lol
@anthemgame I want to join him. And then imagine if there will be a PvP the Monitor Gang against Freelancers lol
LOL they know a lot of us came back when they advertised PVP battles 💀 i feel attacked https://t.co/y4kJhNjXx6
não consigo jogar lol sem ser contra bots, acho que se eu jogar pvp vou me irritar tanto que vou desinstalar... melhor ficar nessa molezinha
@_ColinCamps_ @PokemonGoApp You’ll miss the PvP Tweet then lol
@GambleMike @BioMarkDarrah @BenIrvo @Bio_Warner @anthemgame I’ve had a bunch of questions one day I’ll get a respon… https://t.co/IqJ3CwSpRj
Nexus Blitz - Earned an S on Tristana https://t.co/tNNm04G4Tk Thought I did better in the "Nexus Blitz - Pentakill… https://t.co/dWhTUbiGZe
Nexus Blitz - Pentakill in URF https://t.co/rbfEeAi0k8 Had 11 kills after the URF event! League of Legends… https://t.co/gq2EwRyf4l
@PokemonGoApp Turn off your notifications people lol. More PvP. For me :P
@kittykat_086 I need an adult over 18 in order to PvP, due to the abuse I could receive lol 😂
@DepressedMCBE @iiKkxng thats legit what every server says then they end up making kit PvP LOL
@PokemonGoApp Bidoof is great and all but you know what would be better? pvp lol
@etsblade O minino n é só bom no pvp do bdo, é no pvp do lol tbm
@LeekDuck This is what we were waiting for, apples review process is what held pvp up more than anything lol
@AU_Tyler41 @NintendoAmerica Excellent! I know there is one in I think Seattle! You’ll be hooked up before PoGo Pv… https://t.co/2zhoItUaaM
@yinglee85 Me too lol But I don't think it'll go on sell for holiday seasons :/ I kinda like Destiny's PvP tho, mor… https://t.co/4uLjufbTG8
Matando moscas a cañonazos lol. Luego que si no hago PvP esta expa... https://t.co/xpPnVKtxgs
RT @jidan_no_jouken: League of Legendsは、競技性の高いオンラインPvPゲーム。プレイヤーは無数のチャンピオンの中から1体を選択し、戦略を駆使して相手チームの黒塗りの高級車に追突してしまう。後輩をかばいすべての責任を負った三浦に対し、車の主、暴力団員谷岡が言い渡した示談の条件とは…。