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Seria nadal będzie tworzona pod kierownictwem producenta wykonawczego i współtwórcy Alexa Kurtzmana. https://t.co/irScGMHwcx
Always chase a check, never chase a bitch. Fuck ima keep it real, my money be stackin but shiet I got feelins and g… https://t.co/4lktmtHZjX
RT @VancityReynolds: You’re welcome! I went through puberty at 26 yrs old. Good things happen to those who wait. https://t.co/ikPiFXPGjv
RT @VancityReynolds: You’re very welcome, Short ‘n’ Salty. I enjoy typing, “Short ‘n’ Salty.” https://t.co/beZjeMwogk
Reżyser widowiska, James Wan postanowił zakończyć spekulacje związane z tym, kiedy pojawi się zwiastun. https://t.co/VeubXx7UFA
RT @FDB_US: {FDB in the News} FDB's Christine Cheng, PharmD, discusses her research on look-alike-sound-alike drugs and indicat… https://t.co/yr8YqKUYZq
Dobra wiadomość dla fanów. Będzie 4. sezon!! https://t.co/bgFDXMP6TJ
RT @LilBabyLia: Bitches got every nigga they fucked wit name tatted 😂 Issa sign in sheet https://t.co/RSB1WggE0J
@PostMalone !!!! My former “friend” gave my concert tickets away 2 days before your concert l... so as post would s… https://t.co/7xZdA36Xca
RT @makhiaveIIi: Girls complimenting each other in the Instagram comments https://t.co/u1twlmhNJ2
RT @iamwilliewill: This nigga was the first to ever expose yo ass and get yo ass beat in front of a live audience... true legend! https://t.co/4kzDm1vLjU
Yo this nigga fronting for Twitter again😂😂 https://t.co/jXZ6nJlsW2
RT @LORAFRIMANE: every faithful black man energy this summer https://t.co/MtnXQhkAN9
RT @ThisBeAimeeee: how can he curve someone hes never talked to? 😂😂 https://t.co/41z3pUFEvU
RT @TeasAndPeas: undocumented students cannot receive federal aid. you didn’t get scholarships because you didn’t qualify. so now yo… https://t.co/cJv5LyPkeV
RT @findelbloc: ⭕️ ¿Quedamos en la puerta de entrada? Universidad de Tehran | 1965 | Korosh Farzami & Simon Sarkissian… https://t.co/76RuWHn1yw
@LoganPaul and @jakepaul are the most annoying people to ever and they keep showing up on my timeline 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Rekordy, rekordy, rekordy. Nowy numer jeden PIXARA! WOW, co za wynik! https://t.co/AoIpBQXiUX