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El tamaño del fracaso: 186 mil muertos en una década de guerra en México, según datos oficiales https://t.co/t3nReA4F0Z
@hijackedgriffin lmao prob because I used to constantly say how amazing she was at fcp editing
PRI Nacional estará pendiente a denuncia de Yunes contra Fidel Herrera https://t.co/Trrg6DpJIE
Yunes denuncia a Fidel Herrera por delincuencia organizada https://t.co/6HhJccuBB2
@blacklabel_fcp @FCPortoGlobal thanks for the heads up man. still looking to pick one up
Los primeros días sin el comandante | NW Noticias https://t.co/V22ZEhQi9s
I think it's easier to edit with imovie gik than using FCP or PP but imovie lack of cool features. But that's what AE is for!
I just liked “COSCENTRA-FCP V1,16” by @Luc384 on #Vimeo: https://t.co/XhWyf8RmUK
the new FCP X update IS LITERALLY IMOVIE. what the fuck @appleinc you dumb fucking cunts. fuck i miss steve jobs. https://t.co/my25ZAdH4K
RT @DuncanCastles: Mourinho elaborates on the double standards deployed to criticise his teams. #MUFC #CFC #RMCF #INTER #FCP #POR https://t.co/XNuPzv7xyP
Manifestación en Nueva York en homenaje a Fidel Castro https://t.co/SzggwxSLcM
Fernando Toranzo Fernández con fortuna de 240 millones: El Universal - Vox Populi SLP https://t.co/hGHNmbfZBD
**FCP EDITORS** if you know a safe link to download fcp for free on a mac can you please dm me it? i would love to branch to fcp :)
@hellaheda tbh, i think this guys p good: https://t.co/KkjrsOEpG2 but fcp editors seem super uncommon
RT @fullcircuitpowr: FCP Open Session: Hitting Class with Coach Karstedt Thursday 5pm-6pm (prior to regular workouts)… https://t.co/ABvnOpbns4
قال سحنون: "إني لأخرج من الدنيا ولا يسألني الله عن مسألة قلت فيها برأيي، وما أكثر ما لا أعرف" fcp #صاملين_132_stc_راح_نفلسكم
Impor avi into fcp - how up to invert avi for fcp differently expunge avi via decretory awol special pleading?:… https://t.co/AORpzUejBU