FCC Takes On Apple

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RT @TheEllenShow: The #Oscars deck in @HeadsUp is back! What are you waiting for? https://t.co/DghgP4rqvB
【PC限定】またまた万馬券当たりました! https://t.co/gw4BOoRdSS  #相互フォロー # keiba #競馬 #jra
I'm playing My Singing Monsters. Check it out! https://t.co/lCFDqKbD6S
♐Very very Berry Release on apple -Utopia- https://t.co/lOyw08nNyc #müzik #Japonya #bilgi
RT @theneedledrop: CRAZY seeing this featured on Apple Music! https://t.co/gnm3AB1blg
Colorado rancher plows mile-long 'Trump' sign - USA TODAY https://t.co/S40L7tPuio
RT @hefewine: Balls the Last Tape by Hefe Wine ... go download now on #itunes https://t.co/WPlrzh4JWT
RT @mariobautista_: Mi nuevo sencillo #NoDigasNada ya está disponible en @AppleMusicES 🤐, click aquí 👉🏻 https://t.co/EKvHpngQwf " 🔝
@AppleSupport Does that matter?! Seriously irritated sometimes by Apple, post Jobs.
Unusual shout out here from me to @Apple who have given me some A++ customer service today at the High Cross store.
Warren Buffett says he would rather 'prep for a colonoscopy' than make this mistake again - CNBC https://t.co/DSdAL1qjhz
Así responde Qualcomm a la demanda de Apple https://t.co/Tega2O7TRN
At my happy place APPLE STORE! Oh the places I go...#applestore #atpeeps #slpeeps @ Apple… https://t.co/T1OnKzvswE
RT @tbhjuststop: Adam: This apple is great, where did you get it from? Eve: The Forbidden tree Adam: https://t.co/yRsDC5Oel5
入閘大局已定 三人混戰葉劉苦苦掙扎 求票直至最後一刻 https://t.co/WR6z9RT4qU
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♪AKIRA(亮) Release on apple -DARK SIDE- https://t.co/8KFGfpCrRl #müzik #Japonya #bilgi
#NowPlaying Just Hold On by Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson from the album Just Hold On - Single https://t.co/2lUaawSGx5
RT @newsjsET: Apple boss hints at augmented reality for the iPhone - TechRadar https://t.co/E6Cb0sdn6Y #News https://t.co/tJkM5IVcF0