FCC Takes On Apple

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RT @rudewonu: Apple's sales for Apple watch is on the high thanks to Wen Junhui. #GOING_SEVENTEEN #세븐틴_너_때문에_붐붐 https://t.co/QDbc53D2v4
2016年12月5日 ruri_kuriさんが起床しました。 時刻 2:30 睡眠時間 0秒 #SleepMeister https://t.co/sBgQluKgmZ
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RT @imSaffronBarker: THE GUY IN THE APPLE STORE CALLED US UGLY..!! https://t.co/OEMgiMFT5Z
RT @JeroenBartelse: Interesting...Apple reveals plans for self-driving car https://t.co/sTrlmFRQhy via @FT #selfdriving #AppleCar #Apple
RT @LostAtCollege: dont sit by sorority girls in class unless u wanna hear about how chad from sigma apple pi looked so cute in his new vinyard vines frocket
Apple expresses interest in autonomous vehicle testing in letter to NHTSA https://t.co/2zIMlza00o
RT @TIME: Meet the Apple executive who's making it possible to listen to your favorite music https://t.co/6h0QYRkEkj https://t.co/EFLfS5SnSL
Britney Spears - Apple Music Festival 10 (Backstage Short Film) https://t.co/OddNDEtUW1
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Apple dévoile ses plans pour la voiture autonome - https://t.co/ErpUQ7KzKv via https://t.co/NvYOFoi49U
Growth begets Growth, prepare to take advantage of 2017 Listen! https://t.co/5LK3TqjO3h #business #income
Think I'm going to have to betray Apple soon and get a Samsung my phone is a piece of shit