FCC Takes On Apple

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RT @kennarainey: chad from kappa apple pie gotta chill https://t.co/RthRRbm9vE
RT @TheInnoShow: To succeed #DigitalDisruption you have to cannibalise yourself, kill your children https://t.co/GbvUI1mTfQ @cccalum https://t.co/wBrluV3q9f
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Yo where the fuck is the repeat button on Apple Music 🤦‍♂️ I'm lost
RT @StellarKYU: APPLE HAIR ♡♡♡♡ ・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・ #KYUHYUN #규현 https://t.co/qQAjs1nznQ https://t.co/c5NcRDyi8C
Ken Segall, creador de la campaña «Think Different» de Apple, te explica cómo vender una idea.…https://t.co/7ygy1BO5HP
RT @sxsmths: every single answer to the bcc's apple tree yard tweet is about sherlock i'm laughing so hard
魔王が世界の半分くれるってさ!もらいにいこうぜ! アプリ:魔王「世界の半分をあげるって言っちゃった…」 https://t.co/HBlY5x8Yjv https://t.co/GNG4ym1mk2
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RT @kennarainey: chad from kappa apple pie gotta chill https://t.co/RthRRbm9vE
RT @fxp123: Trump's new Twitter account included a great inauguration pic — from Obama's inauguration in 2009 - Recode https://t.co/WsACZpJYZb
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Old Spice + rhythm + the need to travel + somebody that likes the Green Apple Gatorade #BuildABae2k17
Apple cashback offer on PoorvikaMobile Best Exchange offers on Shine Poorvika - Full spec :… https://t.co/JcArVYJ7VF
@10bandzbenny I never forgot it it's casually in my Apple Music selection