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RT @TheRealMorrison: I may have pulled a vinyasa attempting to get this sweet kick pic to convince you to tell your friends to… https://t.co/N2P3DzZQBg
Anything Apple related I got the worst luck
RT @BitGuildPLAT: Introducing @GuildChatApp—the first social networking app to combine chat and wallet functionality, making the use… https://t.co/cjNliG8WRv
RT @fullfeeled: 那些年我们一起追的男孩儿 You are the apple of my eye #day6 #데이식스 #dowoon #도운 181013 YOUTH in 대구 https://t.co/7tG2u77mMP
RT @802NOWONAIR: [2018/10/15 12:30] 話がしたいよ / BUMP OF CHICKEN #FM802 ●Radikoタイムフリーで聴く↓ https://t.co/EH6WePYV1n ●iTunesで試聴↓https://t.co/OZHO6BkwPy
@Keharee17 @Chinohoven how eve biting into the apple was just a metaphor to symbolize she had sex with adam no appl… https://t.co/yZAMr6pUYq
RT @_sung_chan: 사람을 함부로 의심하면 안 되지 https://t.co/cbjRFKMdEg
RT @Corridosmp3: Bring Julion Alvarez back on APPLE MUSIC & SPOTIFY ... YA SE ESTÁN PASANDO DE VERGATION!!!
RT @JohnWDean: Republican Senator from GA did not want to answer a question about GOP voter suppression efforts so he snatched the… https://t.co/XSKVd9WhjR
RT @Beats1: .@NCTsmtown_127's #Regular_Irregular is a vibe! The album, documentary, interview and more are up on @AppleMusic.… https://t.co/nIANXel9c3
Among the Ruins of Mexico Beach Stands One House, Built ‘for the Big One’ - The New York Times https://t.co/UYhJ93lDRY
RT @fro_vo: ISAAC NEWTON: *apple falls from tree and lands on the ground at his feet* i have just discovered gravity ME: *appl… https://t.co/tF7tJps38I
RT @Nagase_potato29: リクエストあったので岸くんVer. ((これまたリクエストあったら結局全員分作らなきゃならなくなる気がしてきた)) Mrs. GREEN APPLEが本当に有能 https://t.co/CAcqpSGW77
THE MUCH-RUMOURED (and leaked) Google Chrome Slate looks set to challenge the hugely successful Microsoft Surface a… https://t.co/87r3y39wmg
The giant opaque volume icon that stays on screen for three while second before going away is dumbest thing ever https://t.co/OCk47efkXS
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/V9lqJlvQ7t JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part5 ED gangsta paradise
レベル106の水槽はこちらです。 #フィッシュガーデン iOS版:https://t.co/w2z489yaQN Android版:https://t.co/ZwfkVlCFVs https://t.co/NS9UGyEaC9
RT @akiko_lawson: ローソンベーカリーをトーストしよう♪ @akiko_lawson をフォローしリツイート!抽選で1名様に『トースター&お楽しみ袋』をプレゼント♪ #ローソン #トースト https://t.co/uCXNXM97tD https://t.co/dVsjt9EA2j
RT @geeuwhyswift: “ฮอกวอตส์ไม่ปลอดภัยอีกต่อไป” พี่ซีมีโดนคนแรก https://t.co/jTybgERDvg
RT @SHlRANUI: 孫正義ファンドのサウジ皇太子が記者暗殺を命令か。Apple Watchが殺害の一部始終を記録? | ギズモード・ジャパン https://t.co/7PQj4WyEFH Apple Watchすげえな?!