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@KashifMalim Haan or FCC is still near to gulberg too so I came back
RT @FCC: The first LTE-U (LTE for unlicensed) devices in the 5 GHz band have been approved by the FCC. Learn more here: https://t.co/JJj438WPh9
RT @Tijs_Broeke: Well done team @FCC_UK great event & fantastic @halfon4harlowMP joined. Honoured to be part of this exciting new ch… https://t.co/r0aTwcMGzX
FCC authorises first LTE-U devices for 5 GHz band https://t.co/SVavKFxOVD https://t.co/RVX0cKdIms
RT @ItIzBiz: @TFandReality @tobytorpedo @eugenegu FCC? I want to shake your hand in person. Just tell me where you'd like to meet up and discuss all this
RT @witwix: Well this showed up at my door just now, streams gonna be late, goodbye forever. PRODUCT PROVIDED BY NINTENDO FCC D… https://t.co/9c7dac2M2h
Freshly FCC-approved LTE-U wireless rolls out on T-Mobile this spring: #technews https://t.co/dZdT7FRRYf
FCC authorises first LTE-U devices for 5 GHz band https://t.co/AFCRGWqyER
RT @jhaletweets: regardless of your politics if you like the internet, you need to stop @AjitPaiFCC from taking this away: FCC (888… https://t.co/9ZYPJDo7B1
RT @AjitPaiFCC: Pleased to announce a major, consumer-friendly advance in wireless innovation: @FCC's OK'd 1st LTE-for-unlicensed d… https://t.co/mm19mWv1yn
FCC approves devices using next wave of wireless technology - The Hill https://t.co/mwm9FSFnw6 #Technology
RT @BlileyTech: Verizon tells FCC to move fast on 28 GHz and 37-40 GHz bands to promote #5G https://t.co/gA2TFbhggD https://t.co/Q2DBMq5LzO
RT @5x60flintshire: 15 girls attended a Cricket Activators in Flintshire today ready for @LadyTaverners @DragonSport_FCC +… https://t.co/Y8L821OQGA
RT @MysticalState: A3: others that come to mind-- FCC and VetsWhoCode #CodeNewbie again, seeing a need and genuinely wanting to help p… https://t.co/2MsODJiNb9
RT @ScreenPlaysMag: Security issues signal new regulatory agenda for FCC even as new regime seeks to roll back Wheeler era rules. https://t.co/1CNgClCzEC
Today @FCC approved #LTE-U network equipment, allowing Ericsson and operators to continue improving...… https://t.co/rlbhNOpTnq
FCC Chairman Encourages Activation of the FM Radio Chip Built Into Your iPhone https://t.co/NfoFDsdWYE
KEDSUM FCC Approved Small Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier, 108 Square Feet for Small Laundry Room, Bedroom,Kitchen,Cl… https://t.co/LewLnUqXCt
Verizon and T-Mobile LTE-U deployment begins this spring https://t.co/nRa62lXiPt
RT @MattPlummer4: Today's @ClactonGazette @FC_Clacton coverage includes a couple of stories with returning defender @leeclowsley, plus an @FCC_Scooter column.
@MattPlummer4 @ClactonGazette @FC_Clacton @leeclowsley Or 'mini Cannavaro', as Lee now prefers to be known! 😁
RT @MattPlummer4: Today's @ClactonGazette @FC_Clacton coverage includes a couple of stories with returning defender @leeclowsley, plus an @FCC_Scooter column.
RT @Techmeme: FCC opens up 5 GHz band to unlicensed LTE use, certifies equipment from Ericsson and Nokia https://t.co/wUtVsK8IF2 https://t.co/zeAxfn7uKP