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RT @jamisonfoser: What looks better in retrospect? Clinton’s approach to Trump/Russia, or the NYT approach to Clinton/email/Trump/Russia/FBI?
RT @funder: Theory:Trump probably sent Sessions to meet w/Russian Ambassador twice knowing he'd be Attorney General-boss of FBI #trumprussia #russiagate
RT @Thomas1774Paine: NYPD Turns Against FBI: Seized Laptop Shows Hillary Clinton Covered Up Weiner’s Sex Crimes w/ Minor During Election https://t.co/qq0NK4wCYM
@realDonaldTrump President Trump, you need to force the FBI Director & the NSA Director to appear before the House Intelligence Committee.
RT @LouiseMensch: Oh my God, Are Jared Kushner / Gorkov on an intercept - because SVB Bank is a target of the #FISA warrant? https://t.co/ppqqjDVurT
RT @johnkingaustin: I don't blame trump for golfing so much.Being #POTUS is stressful when you're under FBI investigation Golf as much as you can before prison
RT @BrandonTXNeely: @realDonaldTrump You call being under @FBI investigation for treason good shape? You will be lucky to be in office this time next year.
RT @twitt3rpoll: Poll: Do you care about the FBI's investigation into possible Trump associates' ties to Russia?
#visionontv Facial Recognition Database Used By FBI Is Out of Control, House Committee Hears https://t.co/wMqurJ2bPF
RT @Mike_P_Williams: @realDonaldTrump They're not President, you are. They're not in bed with Putin, you are. They're not under FBI investigation, you are.
@palomadesu ご連絡ありがとうございます。『クリミナル・マインド/FBI vs. 異常犯罪』シーズン追加のリクエストを承りました。現時点での配信は未定ではございますが、今後ご希望に添えるようコンテンツ拡充に努めて参ります。 #Huluお願い
RT @DTrumpExposed: FBI: "We think Russia may have gained control over the White House." GOP: "We're really upset about how you learned that."
RT @PrincessBravato: COMMITTEE and hearings are frozen By Nunes, SO THE FBI BETTER HURRY ☝!! #TrumpRussiaCollusion #TrumpRussia… https://t.co/KVzZMstNsz
RT @Parker9_: @realDonaldTrump Fox news said it: We can't have a president under FBI investigation! Where's your resignation? https://t.co/1LqFciK1M6
RT @eye2winner: Timeline of coincidences during election supports FBI's investigation into #TrumpRussia collusion https://t.co/CvIVCpH2zQ via @bi_politics
@funder @KindredPriest FBI is reported to have audio & video of meetings with Russians before, during, & after election & they have Steele.
RT @Mike_P_Williams: @realDonaldTrump They're not President, you are. They're not in bed with Putin, you are. They're not under FBI investigation, you are.
RT @rubiapelotuda: me re influencio con las series que miro tipo ahora quiero ser médica cirujana forense abogada que trabaje para el fbi y asesina secreta
RT @RJSzczerba: @realDonaldTrump Rose are red, Violets are blue, FBI caught you lyin', and the NSA did too! https://t.co/mNfoOz8tK5
@donlemoncnnnews Trump being an outside he has Congress, and experience Ppl around him. GET TRUMP OUT! INVESTIGAT! Freeze @POTUS pwr. @FBI
RT @yxinghun: no offense but the FBI should hire EXO-Ls and fire their current agents
RT @brianklaas: Obama White House published visitor logs regularly. Trump refuses. Nunes. Kushner. FBI investigation. Transparency is essential to democracy
RT @jpaceDC: A legislative defeat. An FBI investigation. A travel ban struck down. And a young presidency perilously adrift. https://t.co/veqUbtWgbP
RT @USATODAY: Black lawmakers are calling on the FBI to investigate #missingdcgirls. https://t.co/gJ3TmfpSbf