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@faye_white good luck arsenal sportswomen the mighty mighty gooners rock at all levels gwarn glorious gooners win it all arsenal COYG Ma$e:)
WANDA FAYE WHITE got their #mugshot posted to Charlotte Mugshots https://t.co/NOPvcbc8kk https://t.co/eX37s8yOWx
@faye_white @50_cunningham syringe is the answer you can either ask GP ( although depends on GP) or buy from amazon xx
@MCBouchier So I was wondering if you could get me in touch with Faye White or someone, cheers.
@faye_white @Netmums Tell me how you make your pastry. I'm a terrible cook, but promised the kids we would bake some!
We are feeling the festive spirit having just made these #mincepies @Netmums #hobbycraft https://t.co/PEUH3txc4a
Having lots of festive baking fun today! 🎄😝👏 https://t.co/MnLdMy2Yge
@faye_white Hi, could you DM us please? :)
Glad I took the time to look into new car insurance quotes today, got one £180 cheaper. Every penny helps when ur renewal is due on 25Dec!
Met @AbbyWambach #wwc07 China, she smashed @faye_white nose as #uswnt beat #eng. Retiring? Still punching! @cnnsport https://t.co/K0pDsanHtj
@faye_white please RT to help GB Deaf Women's football raise £10000 in 30 days to go to Deaf World Cup '16 https://t.co/SiDAfvAHhp
Feeling especially humbled & grateful. Overwhelmed & privileged to have worked with you Faye White. #cre8commongood https://t.co/REUtsSg2CU
@faye_white And deservedly so. They look like one of the few teams who want to win the Title.
@faye_white too right. And the ONLY Sperz fan I'd pay good money to see
@faye_white what a voice. Love Adel
She did her best with that...but who choose that as the winners song! #xfactor
@faye_white Louisa by a thousand mile go girl.......
Could hear a pin drop after that Reggie n Bollie final song! Eck! Complete contrast! Louisa to smash it now 🌟
Was great to meet the lovely @faye_white today & looking forward to seeing my1st game at the Emirates Stadium next week!💃⚽ #arsenalvmancity
@faye_white Anita should be in the final, far more dynamic & always marked down each week