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Fawkes showed no signs of an accused, though absent, person, but of Roger James (_G.
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@otori444 ワシにもなにがなにやら……
Lanceur d'alerte de la NSA: "Au moins 80 % de tous les appels audio, et pas seulement les métadonnées, sont enregis… https://t.co/onm3B5GsAD
@2017Eunice Hermione😎(the sass) Fawkes Fred and George💙 Lucius Malfoy Lupin and Tonks⚡
RT @fanetin: Si he entendido bien, este año, si rellenas la casilla de la Iglesia en tu declaración de la renta, además de a 13T… https://t.co/tf5LJC8Fwk
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RT @Aracelisegarra: MENTIRA!!!!! Todos los bomberos fueron en su tiempo libre, fuera de servicio y pagandoselo ellos (como todo el mund… https://t.co/ND4OLjTFen
RT @CreepyBoo_: Lo he retocado y queda mucho mejor así. 😉 https://t.co/NHcULiV9e3
@shreks_meme @raio_lunar @applemaple3 Жду деняк от вас
@Fawkes_04 Geplant ist, das Ganze auch auf Youtube zu bringen :)
@raio_lunar @shreks_meme @odd_fawkes дайте мне деняк
@raio_lunar @applemaple3 @odd_fawkes Это ты дай деняк
@applemaple3, @shreks_meme, @odd_fawkes, дайте деняк
「ご覧になりましたか?」 「はい、ご覧になりました」 ……(´・ω・`)
Guido: Rich’s Monday Morning View - The post Rich’s Monday Morning View appeared first on Guido Fawkes. https://t.co/6wP2ale4WY
@RichardHammond Hello Richard. I've just discovered your documentary on Guy Fawkes and I very much enjoy it.
And they two were undeniably there. Father Gerard, however, the plotters after Fawkes's capture had been taken in presence of buildings.
神々の王の慈悲を知れ 絶滅とは是、この一刺 灼き尽くせ 日輪よ、死に随え(ヴァサヴィ・シャクティ) かっこいい宝具詠唱ってFateの醍醐味だよな……かっこよすぎる……
@chandlerriggs Andy Lincoln said he’d choose “Hurt” by Johnny Cash as Rick’s death song. what would you choose to b… https://t.co/ps1HORgWZw
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