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the on again off again on again off again retirement of Bo Ryan ends with him walking out now. Favre not shocked: https://t.co/BgYtsMWveu
Imagine Brett Favre retiring to try out for the NBDL
@RichardKrueger @JamesJonesHoody I did want to thank the Packers for retiring the Vikings QB Favre number. Was that a "owners decision"?
Recorded top 10 Favre moments on nfl network. Sucked. 4-10 were 2 losses, streak end, retiring, jet game & 3 Queen games. NFL hatin' on Pack
Favre told Buck before #4thand26 game that he'll play next year unless #packers win this year (2003) in which case he'll consider retiring
@jasonrmcintyre Yes, and all time INT leader Brett Favre made $16-20 million for whining and retiring/unretiring. https://t.co/BWV1z9k5f1
If you haven't seen this yet, it's pretty cool.... https://t.co/NfLcTlme01