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RT @JimmaMorrone: "I don't know what normal feels like" - Brett Farve
@nflnetwork 1)Montana 2)Brady 3)Manning 4)Farve 5)Stabler
Ashley Moore James E Huston Jr. Dean Farve Ashley Fleming Jeremy LaMontaine miss these days. Killed the field https://t.co/kS3eo2pKp8
@1053thefan this segment about the Farve/Rodgers is pure gold! @BenRogers Rodgers & Farve both were d***s lol
Drew better than Farve and Marino https://t.co/eB9beDsR0s
@andyxadams Michael Jordan is the NBA version of Farve...two G.O.A.T.'s...Mo Will is a scrub lol
RT @TorreySmithWR: Celebrating a TD will get you fined but being an abuser can keep the checks coming in 🤔😑
Foreal that man had some Brett Farve ass wranglers on with those 950s... Ultimate fit fuck up 😂😭😂😭
@ladygaga album has me in tears!! She did put her heart and soul into this album. I applaud you #JoanneVibes
Got like 15 Brett Farve rookie cards, when he goes to the Hall of Fame next year they gonna go like hot cakes🔥🔥🔥💵💸
Farve won 1 Superbowl in the Hall of Fame (most overrated QB ever).....Plunkett won 2 Superbowls NOT in Hall of fam… https://t.co/QQMJL8Lbwh
RT @Devuan: @KKadri__ @Dreadzzz_ lol nigga said hooking it up. Shit you the Brett farve of gaming 😂
@KKadri__ @Dreadzzz_ lol nigga said hooking it up. Shit you the Brett farve of gaming 😂
@adamjones985 @jeffpearlman Word is that Rodgers Visualized Farve's Face on the Fly in his Commercial that he Smacks with the 9-iron!
@tdools the Brett Farve of the NHL
@SonHiram sure does he owns more than 11 records dude and by the time he's done he will own more. Played less seasons the Brett farve
@dak @TalkinCowboys @nflnetwork @Favre4Official & IM SURE THERE ARE FARve more but YOU GET THE MOTHER FUCK-KING POINTS!! MOST IMPORTANT 1!!!
@farve_kinni no dejes de escuckar esto incoqparable https://t.co/empvLujhtK
RT @StewartM7: Brett Farve is the Robert De Niro of infomercials
Una derrota mas para Green bay packers regresa Farve https://t.co/AE9rU0Si1h https://t.co/NvmvcHiRpg
@dghalgh @SportsCenter true I never seen farve play much in his prime