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@ruth_farrar_ happy birthday!! Have a great time!! Xx
Bought some cute striped trousers today
RT @Godly_Life: For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men -Titus 2:11
RT @CuteEmergency: wyd (where's your dog)
@ruth_farrar_ happy bday!!! Hope u have a lovely day 😝😝 xxxxx
Never will i allow a girl to waste my time or play me, Teirra Lynee' Farrar was the last Mistake i make, omm
Happy birthday lil one @ruth_farrar_ 💓 I love you more than life itself (here are some weird pics) 😜 now LETS GET F… https://t.co/nnchVS6CMA
Happy bday @ruth_farrar_ have a gd day 💝🎉⭐️
There is only one real failure in life that is possible, and that is not to be true to the best one knows. ~ John Farrar
Happy Birthday @ruth_farrar_ hope you have a lovely day! X🌟
In Case You Missed It: New Story: Bondurant Farrar High School Freshman Football beat North Polk High School 41-0 https://t.co/6zILX9YlII
RT @RCFCMD: Join @SoldierFitDanny for a post political hangover 11/15/16 6-8pm Olde Mother Brewing (@OldeMotherbrew) tkts here… https://t.co/0b0tSMhZFV
@TDeck68 I feel that way about Jay Farrar. Early 90s was glorious for alt-country https://t.co/kGvNYCd9y3
Happy birthday gurlllll, have a lovely day @ruth_farrar_ xxx
happy bday @ruth_farrar_ hope you have the BEST day love u long time beautiful gal 🎉💃🏽🍾💓xxxxx
I ship David Farrar and Kathleen Byron very in that movie, also in Black Narcissus lmao. They're just H O T period.
RT @ArchersFilms: Image of the Day: David Farrar as Sammy Rice in The Small Back Room (1949). http://t.co/svXfknGOVP
Happy Birthday @ruth_farrar_ Have the best day! Xxx ✨
facetiming @katie_farrar made my weekend 💞